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Scholarly Sources

When your professor requires "scholarly" sources, what does he or she mean? Click on the attached document below for a handy guide that you can print out for reference. The document is named What are scholarly resources?

Scholarly or not? Indeed, that is the question. Print out the handy reference sheet attached below (Scholarlyornot.pdf) to guide you in your evaluation. When you think you have mastered the content, feel free to take this simple test, click here! The test is also available through the reference sheet.

Once you understand the difference between scholarly and popular sources of information (and why and when you might use each one), you should understand the general format of a research article. This information will help you to read and understand a number of important elements: Is the title descriptive of the content of the article? What are the credentials of the author(s)? What are their professional affiliations? What was the methodology employed in the study?

All of the documents on this site are in the Adobe PDF format. It is generally available on all computers. If your computer does not have it, this is the link to download the Adobe PDF Reader
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