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College/ACT/SAT Source for connecting students to college opportunity/success 
College/ACT/SAT A collection of great sites for kids from the American Library Association  
College/ACT/SAT Free study material for students taking SAT1 
Homework Help Homework help - subscription service 
College/ACT/SAT Information about the ACT college entrance test, as well as resources to assist students and parents with preparing for college 
Homework Help Live homework help - subscription service 
Homework Help Lord of the Flies Text Online text of the novel 
Homework Help Brave New World Text Online text of the novel 
Homework Help Historical Fiction Historical fiction novels for 2nd quarter (NOT ALL QUALIFY) 
Homework Help Writing Textbook Online An AWESOME site to help you with writing, grammar, punctuation, and more! 
Homework Help Literary Criticism Another literary criticism site 
College/ACT/SAT Literary Criticism Yet another literary criticism site 
College/ACT/SAT Literary Criticism and Local Library This site requires a library card 
College/ACT/SAT American Rhetoric  Rhetoric in movies link 
Homework Help Make Flashcards Use exsisting or make new flashcards 
Other AP Crucible Intro Project Use this link to get started on your group assignment. 
Homework Help Compare/Contrast Essay Format This site might help you organize your essay. Reminder, do NOT use the block method. 
Other Persuasive Speech Tips Read over tips prior to giving your speech 
Homework Help A Tale of Two Cities The text of the novel online. 
Homework Help Example of Annotated Text Annotate as you read. 
Homework Help MLA Works Cited Help Does the work for you! 
Homework Help Online Writing Lab OWL Everything you need to know about MLA and research papers! 
Other Shakespeare WebQuest 
College/ACT/SAT AIMS PRACTICE Complete the Aims HS Reading and Writing Practice Tests 
Other BCHS SITE Use this link for a school and district policies & other school info 
More Great Web Sites for Kids Studyblue Flashcards and more Sign up and use this site as a study aid. 
Other Benson Political Cartoons Analyze the cartoons according to directions 
College/ACT/SAT A list of novels with LEXILE LEVELS Use this to find your 1st quarter outside novel 
Homework Help Huck Finn Text  
Homework Help Things Fall Apart- Igbo Society Read about Igbo society 
Homework Help The Great Gatsby Text online copy of the book 
Homework Help The Declaration of Independence  
Homework Help MLK- Letter From Birmingham Jail  
Other ECAP Requirement (survey) Juniors must complete the survey 
College/ACT/SAT AP Practice Questions & Prompts  
Homework Help Lexile Levels and Books  
Homework Help TEXTBOOK This is your textbook. Sophomore login = sstudent3704 PW = p7y3e Junior login = jstudent619 PW = h5v9k 
More Great Web Sites for Kids The Crucible Web Quest In-class webquest assignment 
Homework Help EBSCO HOST Use this site for your research 
Homework Help Works Cited Example Example Works Cited and other MLA info 
College/ACT/SAT All kinds of study guides and help Check it out! 
College/ACT/SAT CRAAP Test for Research Sources How to tell if a source is good for a research paper. 
College/ACT/SAT JSTOR Research  Research database 
College/ACT/SAT Practice Multiple Choice Questions Do practice tests 1, 2, & 3. Answer- How did you do? Which type of question did you miss most? What is your plan for improving on those types of questions? Type this up and bring to class on Monday. This should be about 1 page in length. 
Other AP TESTS -Oder Here DO THIS NOW!!!!!!!! 
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