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Ideas for Whiteboard

  • Change or add adjectives
  • Circle elements to check authenticity of a website
  • Explore editing and proofreading marks
  • Highlight words in sentences and paragraphs - use e-books!
  • Identify the fact or opinion in an article
  • Match words
  • Use highlighter tool to highlight parts of speech (i.e., nouns, verbs, adjectives)
  • Practice words. Move the icon to see the answer.
  • Use a story starter, write a class story, chain story, or peer story
  • Put key words in middle and write two points of view
  • Scramble words and make sentences
  • Share autobiographies
  • Write a daily journal, news article, or newsletter with key information from news websites
  • Write poetry such as haiku
  • Write rhyming words
  • Write sentences based on photographs
  • On e-grid paper, plot the relationship between two characters (i.e., calm/stressed, happy/sad) through the book
  • Use photo of a person (i.e., character from book, person from history). Ask students to write in “bubble” about their thoughts.
  • Show a book cover, analyze the photo before you start reading, then after. Use bubbles for brainstorming.