Trail Riding with Work in Mind

What a concept!! Why would someone trail ride if they have to work while going down the trail?? A dedicated volunteer service organization by the name of the Black Hills Backcountry Horsemen of South Dakota (BH BCHA SD) is THAT type of group. If you enjoy trail-riding, have some interest in packing but also appreciate being to ride on public land trails, this might be the organization for you! In the current US fiscal times, trail maintenance has been limited to non-existent on public lands that include; US Forest Service (USFS), Bureau of Land Management(BLM), and National Park Service (NPS).  Whether you live in South Dakota or out of state, if you enjoy trail riding in the Black Hills of South Dakota, trail issues are prominent concerns. The budget of the US Forest Service plus Mt Pine Beetle epidemic has created havoc on the existing trail systems in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Several organizations that enjoy utilizing trails in the Black Hills currently volunteer time, labor, and resources to assist with trail maintenance. The recreational users that benefit from their efforts include: horseback riders, Mt Bikers, Hikers, runners, etc. The BH BCHA SD currently is one such organization that has partnered with the US Forest Service to assist with trail maintenance in the Black Hills.  The BH BCHA SD has also been contacted for trail assistance with other public land entities such as; BLM, NPS, and SDGF&P.