What We're About . . .

To start off with,  we've never aspired to be a "Club". We are a group of people who enjoy the look and benefits of fiberglass trailers who get together to go camping at least once a year and trade stories and ideas. The atmosphere is relaxed and often you'll find groups of new-found friends roaming around to check out each others modifications.
We're a friendly group always open to anyone who would like to hang out with us and add some fresh ideas . . . and possibly some new parts leads! At each meet we try to plan a few activities, from pot-lucks to demonstrations to tours of our local trailer manufactures (such as Escape Trailers in Chilliwack). No two meets are a-like. Each activity is planned by volunteers who have stepped up to the plate with an idea and have run with it.
There is no roster of members, no speacial hand shakes and no yearly fees. Just like-minded people getting together for a fun weekend, or two, of camping
Please check out out website and if you like what you see - we hope you'll join us at our next meet

What this site offers . . .

This site offers information on upcoming events, both in BC and in neighbouring areas, photos of past events, helpful links such as forums, and  MORE TO COME