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Day 2, July 2nd 2014

The day will consist of a Public Lecture by Tetsuro Matsuzawa at the Champalimaud Foundation, and closed informal visits to CRIA and the Lisbon Zoo.


09h00: Visit to CRIA

Closed to the Public.


13h.00: Public Lecture by Tetsuro Matsuzawa at the Center for the Unknown, Champalimaud Foundation 


Origins of the Human Mind: Evolution of the Brain and Social Behavior in Chimpanzees

 The comparison of humans and chimpanzees is a unique way to highlight the evolutionary origins of human nature. This talk summarizes the most recent advances in the study of chimpanzee brains, cognition, and behavior. It covers topics such as eye-tracking study, helping behavior, prefrontal WM volume increase during infancy, and fetal brain development. Based on the facts, the talk proposed the “social brain hypothesis”. Chimpanzees are good at capturing images as a whole, while humans are better at understanding the meaning of what they see. Chimpanzees apparently focus on the salient objects, neglecting the social context. In contrast, humans always recognize things within the social context, paying preferential attention to people, as agents. This is consistent with the fact that humans are highly altruistic and collaborative from a very young age. Thus, humans have evolved towards increased collaboration and mutual support. This kind of evolutionary pressure may have provided the basis for the development of the human brain with its unique functions.


Free Entrance!


Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Avenida Brasília, 1400-038 Lisbon. Map  


17h00: Visit to the Lisbon Zoo

 Closed to the public.


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Jun 27, 2014, 7:01 AM