December, 2017

How time flies, it is now December, Christmas is approaching and a New Year, 2018.
During the past six months since our Conference in Mission, I have visited ten lodges.  I want to say "Thank You" for the hospitality that I have received from these lodges and their members.

I have enjoyed all my visitations and find it a pleasure to meet such dedicated and hardworking members.

My theme this year has been Integrity--"honesty, consistency and togetherness"

I would also like to remind all of you that the next B.C. Elks Conference will be held on June 2 and 3rd, 2018 with Victoria hosting.  It is very important that you, the members attend as you are the one's who set the direction of the future of the Elks.  We need all of the lodges and their members to participate in these decisions.

With six months remaining, I look forward to visiting more Lodges and meeting with many of
you in the New Year.

Hope you and your family have a very
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year

                                                                 Albert Scholtens, President, BC Elks Association

June, 2017

I would like to thank the members of the B.C. Elks Association for electing me as your President for the ensuing year and I would also like to thank our new Executive in stepping forward and assuming a position for the coming year.

Every President is a different person with a different lifestyle and a different approach.  Some are hands on people while others like to delegate.  I hope that during my term in office we will work together. 

In our Organization there are needs to be met and things to be done.   My predecessor did a great job and I am going to find it very difficult to improve on the good work he has done.  People of vison and hope founded our Order.  They had ideas they wanted to implement and they wanted like minded people to join them in their activities.  I have always believed that when people are using their own talents and skills they give much more freely of their time.  Our Order is what we make it, no more,  no less.  If it is successful it is we who make it so

Now I do not think anyone of us want to be members of an associating group that is dying on its feet.   We want to be part of a dynamic Organization that gets things done.   Internet gives us access that is possible with to many meetings.   This is not to say we should forget the past and the way we worked before.   Every Association has its own tried and trusted methods of doing things.   We must always be willing to try new ideas, be open to new suggestions.

My theme this year will be "Integrity" which has the meaning of honesty, consistency and togetherness.

In Closing, I do hope we shall have a good year.

Thank you
Prince Rupert Elks No. 342               Tuesday,         October 3                     Regular meeting
Terrace Elks No's 435 & 216             Thursday,        October 5                    Regular meeting
Mackenzie Elks  No. 547                  Tuesday,         October 10                   Regular meeting
Vanderhoof Elks No. 473                  Wednesday     October 11                  Regular meeting  

Kamloops Elks No. 44                      Thursday          October 12                 Regular meeting

Lillooet No. 467                               Tuesday            October 24                 Regular meeting

Merritt No. 441                                Wednesday       October 25                Regular meeting


Chilliwack No. 48                            Monday             November 6                Regular meeting

Vernon No. 45                                Tuesday            November 7                 Regular meeting

Squamish No. 119                        Wednesday        November 8                Regular meeting


Lake Cowichan No. 293                Monday               February             Regular meeting

Victoria No. 2                                Thursday            February 22            Regular meeting

APRIL, 2018

Westside No. 592                        Monday                April 10                    Regular meeting

Revelstoke No. 453                    Tuesday                April 11                    Regular meeting