My theme for this year is ELK PRIDE

It is an honour to serve as President of the B.C. Elks Association for 2018-2019.  I realized this role comes with much responsibility and I do not take this lightly.   Thank you to the dedicated members who have agreed to work with me on the various committees.  The knowledge and experience each one brings to the Executive is vast and I appreciate this.   I look forward to a successful year as a result of this support.

Thank you to Victoria Elks Lodge No. 2 for hosting a successful Conference this year.   The hard work of dedicated volunteers is evident in all areas including set up, meals, rides, entertainment and more.

Elks Lodges continue to contribute to charities, families and individuals across B.C. despite some Lodges experiencing little or no growth in membership.   The same few dedicated volunteers continue fundraising activities in their Lodges knowing they are making a difference in their community.  It is encouraging that some Lodges have been able to attract younger individuals who are keen to take an active role in their Lodges and at the Provincial level.   We must continue to encourage new members of all ages to become involved and participate in Lodge meetings and activities.

We constantly discuss ways to attract new members.  Our idea is to sponsor a sport team.  Invite them to visit our Lodge with an invitation to join.   Invite friends and family to attend the meeting with you.  We, a sElks, are proud of our organization and the assistance we provide families and children in B.C..  Non-members may be encouraged and eager to join us once they are more aware of these works.  We all benefit when children are able to reach their full potential

May the year ahead in Elkdom be successful and enjoyable to all