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Health Referendum Passes with 90% of Votes

In February 2009, with one of the largest voter turnouts in recent BC history, 89.47% of the student body who voted agreed that BC needs to improve sexual health education and resources on campus! It was one of the highest voter turnouts in recent history - over 3,600 people voted in favor of the referendum:

Boston College needs to improve its sexual health education and resources, including but not limited to:
- affordable testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI)
- prescription of birth control at Health Services
- availability of condoms on campus

With this overwhelming achievement, the incoming UGBC administration (Al Dea and Alex Hirs) will adopt what was presented in the referendum as the official stance of the UGBC.   

Quoted in a recent Heights article, Vice-President-elect Alex Hirs said, "We will absolutely meet with the administration to defend the student voice...We want to meet with [Vice President of Student Affairs] Patrick Rombalski and have conversations with him from the start, and work with the student body to feel out what we need on campus, and from there push the administration."  

President-elect Al Dea expressed similar thoughts: "'Since it's a concern of students, we need to work with the administration to voice those concerns,' he said. 'We need to have those challenging conversations and that dialogue so all of us can understand. Because it did pass, it is something we need to address very soon.'"

This has been a tremendous win for Boston College students and we look forward to continue working with the administration to make sure that the student voice is being heard loud and clear!

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