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Sex and the Spirit

In order to continue the dialogue about sexuality and spirituality following the sexual health referendum, several members of the BC community will sit on a panel to provide a comprehensive look at how sexuality and intimacy are seen in the Catholic tradition and on our campus. The panelists will be Fr. Jack Butler, Fr. Joe Marchese, Lisa Cahill, Tammy Liddell, Sheila McMahon, and Fr. Jim Fleming.

There will be ample time for Q&A, so bring ideas and questions to engage with this fabulous array of speakers.

After the panel, there will be a reception, which will give all in attendance the opportunity to engage in discussion with the panelists and each other.

This event is co-sponsored by BC Students for Sexual Health, ODSD, ResLife, FYE, and SPO.

The event is a part of Love Your Body Week hosted by the Women's Resource Center, and UGBC's BC Dates Week.