Pre-Services Training Requirement

Pre-Service Training is MANDATED for all Child Welfare supervisors and workers.  Pre-Service training will meet the requirements and the training needs of staff during the first year of employment.   Pre-Service training consists of the following modules:


Pre:      Building Helping Relationships with Families and Children in Child Welfare (only for workers without a degree in Social Work)

§  Module I – Foundations of Practice

§  Module II – Engaging Families in the Process of Change to Promote Safety, Permanency and Well-Being

§  Module III – Conducting Family Centered Assessments

§  Module IV – Planning with the Family

§  Module V – Working Effectively with the Court

§  Module VI – Implementing Strategies for Achieving Safety, Permanency and Well-Being


Pre-Service Training Enrollment


All new staff will be automatically enrolled in Pre-Service Training by the Training & Staff Development team.  New staff are provided their pre-service training calendar on their first day of employment.  Any questions or concerns regarding the training, please contact:


Trina Parker

Training & Staff Development

1510 Guilford Avenue

Phone: 443-423-4654

Email: Tparker3@dhr.state.md.us


The Department of Training at UMB School of Social Work will confirm enrollment for registered trainees. 





*Effective January 1, 2008, new caseworkers and casework supervisors who are required to take the competency examination will be given three (3) opportunities to take the comprehensive test.  Failure of the exam may result in termination of employment.