Our Services

BCD will work with you to provide an array of service arrangements based on your needs. Since BCD handles all "publishing" aspects (end-to-end) to bring your book from product to market, you (the author) will simply need to focus on providing content. Leave the details to us.

BCD offers various forms of royalty sharing methods -- combined with basic to complete services -- depending on fit. 
  • Basic: Facilitate your publication by providing the BCD publishing name and ISBN registration
  • Full Service: Transform your concept to a published product (physical and/or electronic books)  
Based on the marketability of the manuscript, we will work with the author to propose and provide an array of proven marketing venues to boost book sales.  Recent projects and authoring experiences include (but are not limited to):
  • Fiction - e.g., children's books
  • Non-fiction - e.g., sports analytics, children education/psychology, reference / self-help books
  • Family book - family legacy and books to record memories

Roles & Responsibilities

Your responsibilities:
  • provide a quality manuscript
  • represent your product in a professional manner
Our responsibilities:
  • help write effective press release
  • work with our network of media leads
  • initiate on-line marketing through e-zine
  • put together an excerpt of the book to "whet" people's appetite for the product

Web Design & Benefits

A separate but correlated business segment of BCD Advisors is website design.  BCD can act as your business partner to maximize marketing impact by proposing various on-line tools.  

For example, if you like what you see on this website, we can help you develop a cost effective web presence.  

BCD has experience designing a variety of websites, ranging from:
  • non-profit foundations (including church websites)
  • e-commerce (selling products on-line)
  • book publishing site (this one!)
  • investment management & quantitative research
Special arrangements are provided to non-profit organizations.