Our Company

BCD ("Book Click Done") was founded to help the "everyday," but deserving, author -- to quickly and easily transform their manuscript/concept into a final product for publication. We deliver this process in a customizable manner, with flexible royalty arrangements. The author gains credibility by using a third party publisher. We strive to achieve optimal customer service and customize the most personalized package.

Core Publishing Business

BCD Core offers complete, personalized, and expedient book publishing services. BCD coordinates with you (the author) to customize the level of services to bring your book to market. We provide a total "product to market" service with flexible financial arrangements. Services offered include (but are not limited to):
  • ISBN registration
  • manuscript editing
  • layout and design
  • cover design
  • coordinating with the printers
  • marketing
  • distribution (including printing on demand)

Assisted Marketing Arm

BCD Prime is a separate, but correlated, business segment of BCD Core. Services revolve around marketing services aimed at "assisting" in the marketing aspects of the publication.  Services offered include (but are not limited to):
  • Blog design and presence
  • Website design
  • Publish articles of interest on BCD or mainstream publications:
    • Depending on subject matter (and quality of material), BCD will utilize its relationships with mainstream publications (e.g., New York Times or Wall Street Journal) and can work with you to get articles published