About Us

Originally created as a book publisher, we have evolved into a marketing arm for small businesses.  Book publication remains a core focus, along with a variety of services:
  • We are happy to work with new authors to publish a book.  
  • Small businesses often find that a published book increases credibility and visibility.
  • Cost-effective websites.
  • Logo items for your business.

BCD ("Book Click Done") Advisors.  We "Publish Books with a Personal Touch" by offering a complete array of services that will bring your concept to market.  We welcome -- new authors -- and the opportunity to review your manuscript.  Upon approval, we will work with you to transform your manuscript into a published work.  

We work with our authors in a variety of ways, depending on: (1) how our readers and editors view the manuscript, and (2) our author's needs and vision.  We work with authors and offer a wide range of services, including:
  • ISBN Numbers and ISBN Database Registration
  • Third-party publisher
  • One-stop shopping for all of your book publishing needs
  • As many -- or as few -- services to suit your needs:
    • Templates provided to our authors
    • Editing and formatting, with proper margins
    • PDF production with preferred / industry-standard formatting
    • ISBN Barcodes
    • Book cover custom-designed and produced in color
Select FAQs:
  • First-time author?  No problem!
  • Fast and efficient?  We can publish your completed manuscript and get a beautiful and professional industry-standard book out within 30 days!
Article by Ross Wayne, BCD's Director of Business Development - Reviews today's "print on demand" (POD) technology, and the prestige and expertise of a third-party publisher like BCDadvisors.  By Ross Wayne, BCDadvisors.com.