Site Visits and project status

Site visit - August / Sept 2008

During the period Aug 2007 to April 2008, we have completed the water ponds, the hut, the one acre test plot and planting of trees all around. We have invested over $ 30,000 in this phase. We have proven that we can collect adequate amount of rain water from the October rains and keep it for almost a full year.

During this visit, we emphasized more on the village out-reach activities. Any brick and mortar task is easy to do, if you can get the brick and put it in. Under the WEALTH acronym umbrella, we can do anything in the BCC. But what do the local villages want and need. Hence what should we do first, second etc.

Our recent staff addition in the form of Sri Kumaravelu, provides the skill and exposure required to engage with villages.

We visited 5 different villages and discussed their 'felt' needs. Based on that we have selected 'small health clinics' and RTI campaign as the 2 first BCC outreach activities.

At the same time, we will be working on a few tasks in the BCC also.- getting solar pump, water filtration, bio-mass unit

Above: Visit Kandasami village - main topic - RTI

Above: Vadalakarai village - Topic - help fix soil erosions on their water channel

Above:  Subhaiahpuram village - night - topic - repair concrete sluice gate in front of their village pond

Above: Visit to Chinnoor village

Above :  Long interview with a handicapped villager in Subbhaiapuram village