Welcome to the BCC Engineering Club Website!

This site was created to allow BCC Engineering Club members to share ideas, projects and inspire others. If you have any projects or ideas that you would like to add to our web-page, please contact us

What is the BCC Engineering Club?

The BCC Engineering club is a group of engineering students at Bristol Community College who came together to try to change the current perception of engineering. The reality is that BCC can mold great engineers. This club is not only for current students, but future students too. Our purpose is to support and organize all engineering related activities at our campus and to increase engineering enrollment at BCC.

Local support directly funds engineering projects. Our most important engineering project to date is our involvement in the Annual MATE International Underwater Competition.“We couldn’t have done it, without the support of others”, states Josh Normandin, a BCC engineering science transfer student, who was on the winning ROV team that made it to the international competition.

Five of the top ten industries doing the most hiring and expecting the most job growth, are engineering related industries. Yet, there is a shortage of engineering graduates. Please support the BCC Engineering Club and thus you are supporting our future workforce.

Club Goals:

  • Support all current and future engineering students
  • Organize and display engineering projects
  • Encourage prospective students into considering the engineering field and enrolling at BCC
  • Support students participating in MATE Competitions
  • Support the SAGE Program
  • Support the Sustainability Committee

Member Benefits:

  • Increase your engineering,management, and social skills
  • New BCC students can get advised by current BCC Engineering students
  • Members have a platform to address engineering issues

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