Bridges: Videos to inspire you!

  Lifehouse "Everything" skit 
    Watch this video to help you 'see' how our God is with you  
             always and fighting for you every moment.   Wow!

Evolution - The Missing Link to Abortion

 We mourn 3,000 that died 9/11 - but what about the 4,000 babies that are killed every single day?  Watch this three-minute video to see how evolution is used as THE justication for abortion.

The Bridge

What would you choose?... Grab a hankie - this one will
make you weep ~ and think.

Luke Warm and Loving It - it'll break your heart if you are.

We are so rich in this world...but oh, there are things that really matter.  What's truly important to you?

99 Balloons
Elliot will touch your life...just watch...what an incredible person.

Introducing Jesus - by Steve Harvey
Now this is how to introduce our Jesus! 

Woman at the Well
How did the woman at the well feel about Jesus?  Here's one powerful interpretation. 

       Our God reigns!