Bioconductor Boston Course Information

Next course: Bioconductor basics, Thursday-Friday Oct. 29-30, location Inn at Longwood (342 Longwood Ave, Boston MA, 02115,, Longwood Hall Salon A.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with microarrays and concepts of genome-scale experiments and annotation.  Some acquaintance with categorical data analysis and linear regression will be helpful.  Ideally, students will have familiarity with R programming and packages, but introductory material will be provided.  The introduction to R at the project web site should be familiar prior to attendance at the course. Acquaintance with the texts noted on the sidebar of this page are also recommended but not required.

Curriculum notes:  The full curriculum is not finalized at this time, but a good sense of the approach and approximate content can be obtained by examining these notes from the 2009 Cold Spring Harbor Summer course.

Instructor: VJ Carey, PhD, Bioconductor core member.

Software requirements:  we will use R 2.10.0.  For windows users, a self-installing binary will be provided.  Linux and Mac users should acquire the devel version of R.

Registration: Tuition for the two-day course is $600 for academic participants, $1200 for participants from commercial enterprises.  Individuals interested in securing a place should e-mail VJ Carey at the address below. 

Registration options (deadline, Oct 26 2009):
  • You may register by ordinary mail, enclosing payment by check, using this form.
  • Registration by credit card (using Cybersource, no registration required) can be accomplished by clicking here. If you do register by credit card, please fill out this form and indicate that a credit card was used.
  • Please do email VJ Carey at the address below when you register, regardless of method used.  This helps me to manage the head count in real time.

Questions: Contact Vincent Carey, stvjc at channing dot harvard dot edu

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