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Kathy Van Zeeland Handbags

kathy van zeeland handbags
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Day 43 | I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.
Day 43 | I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.
Carrie Bradshaw docet! Today I've gone shopping for some new clothes, especially for new blue jeans. As a whole, it was an exciting and depressing experience. I found only a pair of jeans that I liked and fit me. That's the depressing side of the day. I've got to go on a diet... But I've also bought other beautiful things that cheered me up, like two Kathy Van Zeeland's handbags: a crimson tote and a purple clutch bag! ___________________________________________________________________ Oggi sono andata a fare shopping, alla ricerca in particolare di nuovi paia di jeans. E' stata un'esperienza insieme eccitante e deprimente. Ho trovato un solo paio di jeans che mi piacessero e mi stessero bene. Questo e il lato deprimente della giornata. Devo assolutamente mettermi a dieta... Ma ho anche comprato altre cose belle che mi hanno risollevato il morale, come due borse della Kathy Van Zeeland: una enorme tote color porpora e una pochette viola! more inside...
Sonia on the Runway
Sonia on the Runway
Sonia Cedillo of Goodwill Industries brings us to the modern day. Her outfit, along with a few others we will soon see, came from Goodwill Stores. Sonia’s casual look demonstrates how trends in fashion go “in” and “out” as her blouse from Express has a similar blouson look and familiar stripes in a cotton knit. Paired with classic dark denim jeans from The Gap, T-strap sandals from Old Navy, and a turquoise handbag from Kathy Van Zeeland, Sonia is ready for dinner with friends. Head-to-toe, this outfit retails for $152.00. Goodwill price: $38.99.

kathy van zeeland handbags
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