Toilet Training Services

Being able to independently use the toilet is an essential skill for all individuals; however, this skill does not always develop for everyone.   Our staff can offer toilet training services to families and caregivers.  A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will provide intensive training (based on proven methods) to improve compliance and increase independence with toileting skills.

Toilet training is provided to families and caregivers in the client's home. Before any toilet training can be considered, a medical evaluation is often required. 

Our Treatment Plans can also address these concerns:
Bowel incontinence
Nighttime toilet training
Encouraging initiations/independence for previously toilet trained/scheduled trained individuals

Time Commitment:  

An intensive toilet training day can range from 4-8 hours, with follow up either with in-home visits or phone call check-ins.

Length of Service:  

The typical duration is a few weeks but in some cases the training can take up to 2-6 months and in rare cases, some cases require on-going services for 1-2 years depending on scope of toileting challenges.

Where services take place:   

Services occur in the child’s home and the caregiver must be present.