Recommended Amount of Supervision

Although  the  amount  of  supervision  for  each case  must  be  responsive  to  individual  client needs, 
2 hours for every 10 hours of direct treatment 
is the general standard of care. When direct treatment is 10 hours per week or less, a minimum of 2 hours per week of case supervision is generally required. Case supervision may  need  to  be  temporarily  increased  to meet the needs of individual clients at specific time periods in treatment (for example, initial assessment, significant  change  in  response  to treatment).

This ratio of case supervision hours to direct treatment hours reflects the complexity of the client’s ASD symptoms and the responsive, individualized, data-based decision-making which characterizes ABA treatment. A number of factors increase or decrease case supervision needs on a shorter- or longer-term basis. 

These include:
treatment  dosage/intensity
barriers  to progress
issues of client health and safety (for example, certain skill deficits, dangerous problem behavior)
the  sophistication  or complexity  of  treatment protocols
family  dynamics  or  community environment
lack of progress or increased rate of progress
changes in treatment protocols
transitions with implications for continuity of care