Patients will be responsible for payment due to:
    Co-Pays: An up front amount expected per visit (Usually from $5-$30)
    Co-Insurance: A percentage of the bill the patient agrees to pay for (Usually 10-20%)
    Deductibles: An amount the patient is responsible for before their insurance begins paying

JF BCBA understands that Deductibles are high at the beginning of any year. We are willing to set up payment plans to spread the cost of deductibles over multiple months. Just call to speak to us (805) 668-8961

Accepted payment methods
 Checks Can Be Mailed To:

JF BCBA Service, LLC
2559 South Waterbury Lane
Boise, ID 83706
Electronic Payments to:

JF BCBA Service, LLC
Idaho Central Credit Union
Routing #324173626
Account #:716537532
 Credit Card Payments #1

 Credit Card Payments #2

We can email you a secure invoiced amount through "squareup" for direct credit card processing of all CC Types.

Just ask for this secure invoice!

JF BCBA will also work with clients on other forms of payment such as Venmo. 
Please feel free to ask!

We can take CC payments over the phone too!