Welcome to Administrative Services!
My name is Earl Fitzpatrick, Part owner and Business Office Manager for JF BCBA Service, LLC.

I am here to help you with all your administrative questions and guide you through insurance program requirements. From Human Resources to Billing, from policy and compliance to Central Reach (our Medical Records Documentation system), we are here to help. To contact me Directly you can call (805) 668-8961 but best contact is at jen.p.fitzpatrick@bcbaservice.net and I will get back to you quickly.

Human Resources: 
Postings for employment, Online Application, Employment files, Company Policy and Procedure, Payroll including rates, tax deductions, w-4, I-9 and key employment data, Non-Clinical complaints, Licensing Follow-up & Screening.

Business Office:
Business Office Functions such as patient and insurance billing, coding of medical records, Auditing functions, or any other financial concern, Risk Management and Insurance, Accounts Payable, Contracting, Referrals.

We Currently Accept Cigna, Premera, Tricare, Regence, Aetna, and are fully prepared to credential through any other insurer through CAQH (See provider listing)

Information Technology: 
We help with questions on the Central Reach Data Collection and Medical Records System, PDF portable Medical Record Copies, Company Website materials and maintenance, Clinical Systems and equipment checkout, Clinical Supervision Cameras and Network Connectivity, etc as well as the basics such as IT manuals and password changes. Click on the IT page for more information.

Medical Records & Data Collection System:
ABA Therapy is a Medical Treatment. As such, we maintain secure medical records for each client. Central Reach is our secure Medical Record System. Staff complete data entry into the system relating to goals and objective and showing trends related to improvement. Data is required as proof of service as well a clinical notes and documentation, all available to parents/guardians and staff. Central Reach is also home to our payroll time-card and insurance billing systems. Staff and clients scheduling are completed in this system as well.