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In-Take Forms

How to start the process for getting ABA therapy?

1.  Please download the "in-take forms", complete the forms as much as possible, and then submit the forms along with all needed medical documents.

2.  Please submit Insurance information and contact information for your insurance provider.  Please indicate if you have already been approved for ABA therapy and how many hours you have been approved.

3.  Please indicate best times for ABA therapy each week.  
Example:  A child who is in elementary school might have Monday thru Saturday between 3 pm to 5 pm available for therapy.  

Please indicate days of the week that would not be available for therapy due to other obligations that occur routinely on those days.  

If you child is under the age of 6, please indicate available times for therapy that would accommodate up to 40 hours of therapy. 

4.  Lastly, please indicate the best time to meet for the first part of the assessment and parent interview.

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