Functional Behavioral Assessment
When a client exhibits problem behavior at a level that is disruptive to the environment or dangerous to the client or others, a functional assessment is warranted. Functional assessment refers to the overall process of identifying the aspects of the environment that may contribute to the development and continued occurrence of problem behavior. That is, functional assessment is designed to identify where, when and the likely reasons why a problem behavior occurs. Such information is then directly incorporated into the problem behavior treatment plan in the form of a function-based intervention.
The functional assessment process 
        typically includes multiple sources of information such as interviews with caregivers, structured 
        ratings scales, and collection of direct observation data and consideration of potential medical 
        conditions that may impact problem behavior.
Direct observation may take the form of assessment of ongoing interactions in the natural 
        environment or the form of a functional analysis.
Functional analysis refers to directly changing  environmental events and evaluating  the impact  
        of those changes on the level of problem behavior via direct observation. Functional analyses   can 
        be complex and may require higher staffing ratios and more direction by the Behavior Analyst.