Butler County (Ohio) Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (BCAREC)

BCAREC Announcement:  

Meetings and nets have been suspended until further notice.

If you would like to participate in the monthly Tornado Siren observations the first Wednesday of each month in support of the Butler
 County Sheriff's Office 911 center contact us at:  

Please provide a good email address (for reminder notifications & assignments), Full name and call sign (for the roster), street address (so we can find a siren close to where you live), cellphone number and the carrier/provider for emergency activation of amateur radio and siren test cancellations (normally due to weather conditions). Thank You! 

Shortcut URL: http://goo.gl/rlbka

Who We Are:

Butler County Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (BCAREC) is a leading volunteer amateur radio emergency communications organization in Butler County, Ohio. We are located just north of Cincinnati near Hamilton, Ohio. BCAREC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and has been serving our community with non-commercial voluntary emergency communications during emergency conditions since the formation in 2004. Members operate with a license granted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and operate primarily under regulations contained in U.S. CFR Title 47, Part 97, "Amateur Radio Service." BCAREC specializes in emergency radio technologies and participates in amateur radio activities using High Frequency (HF), Very High Frequency (VHF), and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) equipment. High Frequency (HF) radio operations provides for intra-state and inter-state communications, while VHF and UHF capability provides local communications coverage. Some members operate microwave amateur stations as well.

What We Do:

  • Communications support to the local 911 centers and associated agencies after their communications have failed or have become severely overloaded.
  • Operate the Butler-Warren Severe Weather Spotting Net by amateur radio operators reporting potential hazardous weather conditions that are directly reported to the National Weather Service in Wilmington OH.
  • Maintaining and Building Equipment - Kit building, build and maintain full duplex repeaters, build and analyze antennas, and radio accessories for both voice and digital communications.
  • Built and maintain an Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Center -  Four operator positions, multiple frequencies, multiple bands, multiple modes of operation with generator backup power, operating accessories, fully lightning protected tower and antenna system, as well as portable stations.
  • Severe Weather Spotting training provided by the National Weather Service in Wimington, OH, 911 center Emergency Communications Support, Radio Station Equipment Operation and Maintenance, Annual and Periodic Operational Simulations, Test and Drills.
  • Digital Communication - VHF/UHF Packet, HF Multiple Digital Modes, D-Star, Fusion, DMR, P-25, Echolink, etc.
  • Amateur Radio Software Proficiency- Winlink2000, AIRMAIL, HF-ALE, FLDigi, G8BPQ, Ham Radio Deluxe, Linux, Windows, etc.
  • New Member Mentoring - Help new emergency communicators get started operating for emergencies, suggested equipment considerations, etc. from those that have been on National Disaster Deployments (WTC 9-11-2001, Katrina 2005, and others)
  • Seek New Members For BCAREC - We are always looking for amateur radio operators with an interest in providing or becoming involved with Emergency Communications.
  • We support the 911 center the first Wednesday of the month observing over 80 weather sirens countywide to assure they are operational and report back to the 911 supervisors directly.

When We Do It:

Main Meeting: No meetings are scheduled at this time.

Where We Do it:

Why We Do It:

"Because We Want to Help People In Times of Need."  Amateur Radio Emergency Communicators are prepared and willing to voluntarily help our community, when requested by local officials, in times of need such as when all other means of communications are not available. The FCC has specifically stated our role in Federal Regulations as in the following quoted regulation extract:

"47 CFR Ch. I, Part 97.1   Basis and purpose.

The rules and regulations in this part are designed to provide an amateur radio service having a fundamental purpose as expressed in 
the following principles:

(a) Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication 
service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications."

How We Do it:

BCAREC amateur radio emergency communicators are licensed by the FCC.  Each operator can have a home "base" station as well as mobile and handheld radio stations. BCAREC has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with repeater owners inside of and adjacent to Butler County. The MOUs are for the use of communications equipment on a daily basis or an as needed basis for supporting Emergency, Priority, Health and Welfare communications. BCAREC also uses the equipment for occasional training. 

The Butler County VHF Association and BCAREC have an MOU for use of the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Center (ARECC) radio room facility at D. Russell Lee (Butler Tech). BCAREC uses the ARECC as a control station for its operators during emergencies, severe weather and training.

Please Join The BCAREC Organization And Volunteer To Help People With Us !!

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BCAREC provides volunteer emergency communications as a Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) unit, when activated. RACES is a Service authorized by the FCC, which, when operating on the Amateur Radio Service frequencies, requires that the operator be FCC licensed, and one who must belong to a RACES unit of a State or Local government. BCAREC provides volunteer emergency communications as an Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) unit. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a corps of trained amateur radio operator volunteers organized to assist in public service and emergency communications. It is organized and sponsored by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC). Butler County Amateur Radio Emergency Communications members have completed the CERT training to be an active part of an initial community response to a major emergency in the county.

Our Communications Systems

W8CCI Repeaters used via an Memorandum of Understanding:
147.3300 - Tone 118.8 - Hamilton East - BCAREC Primary VHF
146.9700 - Tone 118.8 - Hamilton West
145.2100 - Tone 118.8 - Oxford

224.9600 - Tone 118.8 - Middletown - Operational

Fusion System Repeaters
444.1125 - Tone 118.8 - Hamilton West - Operational - BCAREC Primary UHF
440.0000 - Tone 118.8 - Hamilton East - Pending Coordination
440.0000 - Tone 118.8 - Oxford - Pending Coordination

145.0100 - N8TVU-10 - Northern Hamilton County

Digipeater Only
145.7700 - K8YOJ-7

DHS Terror Alert Level Click for Forecast for 45011 from weatherUSA.net