Autumn Meeting 2017

Registration available here.

BCA Joint Chemical and Industrial Group Autumn Meeting

Design of Crystalline Products

Downing College, Cambridge, 21st-22nd November 2017



Tuesday 21st November


10:00            Registration/coffee

 10.25            Introduction (IG chair or CCG chair if available)

 10:30            Session 1: Crystal Engineering                                            

                     Chairs: Iain Oswald (University of Strathclyde) and Luca Russo (GSK)


10:30-11:30  Crystal Engineering with Sulfur Functional Groups
Simon Lawrence, University College Cork

11:30-12:00  Investigating Polytypic Single Crystals Using Nanoindentation

Andrew Bond, University of Cambridge

 12:00-12:30  Targeted Crystallisation of Computationally Predicted Polymorphs

Dr. Vijay Srirambhatla, University of Strathclyde

12:30            Lunch


13:30            Session 2: Pharmaceutical Product Design

                     Chairs: Peter Wood (CCDC) and Mathew Bryant (CCDC)


13:30-14:00  Digital Solid Form and Particle Design in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Kevin Back, Pfizer

14:00-14:30  The Crystal Morphology and Growth Kinetic Mechanisms of alpha para Aminobenzoic acid

Ian Rosbottom, University of Leeds

14:30-15:00  Title

Nick Blagden, University of Lincoln


15:00            Coffee Break


15:30            Session 3: Early Career Session

                     Chairs: Cheryl Doherty (Pfizer) and Claire Hobday (University of Bath)


15:30-15:50  Early Career Presentation
Mathilde Reinle-Schmitt, Excelsus Structural Solutions (Swiss) AG

 15.50-16:10  Early Career Presentation

Hamish Yeung, University of Oxford

 16:10-17:00  Discussion/Question session



17:00            AGM for IG

 17:30            Close


19:00 for 19.30 Dinner


Wednesday 22nd November

09:00            Session 4: Crystallisation & Crystallisability

                     Chairs: Richard Cooper (University of Oxford) and Cheryl Doherty (Pfizer)

09.00-10:00  Crystal Engineering of Task-Specific Materials
Mike Zaworotko, University of Limerick


10.00            Coffee Break


10:30-11:00  Aromatic Stacking – a Key Step in Nucleation
Aurora Cruz-Cabeza, University of Manchester

11:00-11:30  Ranking Structural Models Using NMR Crystallography

Andrew Tatton, University of Oxford and Astra Zeneca

 11:30-12:00  Particle Diversity Screening for Crystallisation Development

Melissa Birch, Pfizer


12:00            Lunch


13:00            Session 5: Non-Ambient Diffraction

                     Chair Mike Probert


13:00-13:30  Insight into the t½ vs. t(liesst) Relationship from an Isostructural Series of Spin-Crossover Solvates

                     M.A. Halcrow, University of Leeds

 13:30-14:00  A Sapphire Capillary Pressure Cell for the Small Molecule Beamline I19 at Diamond Light Source 

Charlie McMonagle, University of Edinburgh/Newcastle


14:00            Coffee Break


14:30            Session 6: Property Control & Prediction

                     Chairs: Stephen Moggach (University of Edinburgh) and Luca Russo (GSK)


14:30-15:00  Direct Observation of Templated Two-Step Nucleation Mechanism During Olanzapine Hydrate Formation
Monika Warzecha, University of Strathclyde

 15:00-15:30  Title

Jack D. Evans, Chimie ParisTech

 15:30-16:00  Title

Graeme Day, University of Southampton


16:00            Close