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The BCA Industrial Group arranges meetings to help keep its members up to date with the latest developments and techniques in materials characterization using crystallographic and x-ray methods.

These activities are organised by a committee drawn from members who freely give their time to run several meetings of topical interest each year, occasional workshops on specific topics and round robin exercises to improve techniques.

Recent topics include: Pharmaceutical applications, small angle scattering, residual stress, minerals, patents, introduction to powder diffraction course and instrument calibration workshop.

Please circulate a copy of this flyer (88kb PDF) to colleagues who may be interested.

The British Crystallographic Association (BCA) was founded in 1982 to promote the use and study of crystallography. The BCA has five specific interest groups, covering chemical crystallography, physical crystallography, biological structures, young crystallographers and industrial applications of crystallography. The quarterly magazine Crystallography News is distributed to members.

The Industrial Group's Constitution requires the group to be "..concerned with the introduction, development and practical application of crystallographic concepts and techniques in an industrial or applied context relating to the structure and properties of materials. "

Crystallography & X-ray Diffraction (XRD):

A 3 day meeting is held each spring with a themed programme of talks and contributions from all the Groups of the BCA. One or two day Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings are usually held each year covering specific topics of interest with a Pharmaceutical SIG attracting the most delegates. An Autumn meeting with content usually of general interest attracts a wide audience. The group distributes a Newsletter each summer and winter to keep interested parties up to date with activities.

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

We introduced XRF to the BCA in 2005 with a very successful three day meeting at Loughborough and have since built on that success by falling into a routine of alternating a three day spring meeting with commercial exhibition one year with a one day general interest meeting the next. The group distributes two e-newsletters each year to interested parties

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