UW ACSA Seattle Leadership

Seattle Campus 2015 to 2016 Leadership (Program Officers)

Mohammed Alangari
Mohammed Alangari is President of the UW ACSA. He is an Engineering student from Saudi Arabia. He is the founding member of the UW Seattle ACSA organization and leads all the leadership team in events that support student development, community engagement and unity.

"My goal with ACSA is not only to create a platform for current students to connect and support those who are interested in the Arabic culture, but also to build a solid foundation where future students are able to run the club long after the current team is gone in order to make the rich Arabic culture consistently accessible."

Mahdi Ramadan
Mahdi Ramadan is Vice President of UW ACSA Seattle.
He is the founding member of the UW ACSA chapter. Mahdi is from Lebanon. He is a student majoring in neurobiology and minoring in neural engineering and applied mathematics. He is also the lead counselor of the Seattle Middle East Peace Camp for Children. Mahdi's dream is to become a doctor or scientist to help people with disabilities improve their quality of life. He is the founding member of the UW ACSA chapter and is responsible for program integration and event planning.

"I joined ACSA because I love my Arabic heritage and my culture, through ACSA we can appreciate and highlight the importance of cultural identity and significance to our society."

Nour Shoora
Nour Shoora is Treasurer of UW ACSA Seattle and a founding member of the UW ACSA chapter. She is Syrian-American and is a student of Anthropology. Nour is passionate about education and loves working with children. As treasurer, she is responsible for funding and manage the finance of all events and activities hosted by UW ACSA Seattle.

" I joined ACSA because of my bicultural background. It is who I am and I hope to help shed light on the Arab culture to all those interested in learning about it."

Youssef Shalaby
Youssef Shalaby is the Secretary of UW ACSA Seattle and a founding member of the UW ACSA chapter. Youssef is from Egypt. He is studying Political Science as well as Law, Societies and Justice with a focus on international relations and human rights. As an immigrant who is interested in the study of social justice as well as religion and world politics, Youssef dreams of becoming a lawyer one day in order to assist those who need help like ethnic groups that face discrimination domestically and internationally. Being a Secretary and a founding member of the UW ACSA chapter, he shares certain responsibilities like event planning, developing and managing the club’s administrative policies and representing the club as well as connecting with the student bodies of other organizations or clubs on campus.

“When I first came to the United Sates 6 years ago, I felt the need of embracing and sharing the Arabic culture that I know and that I am proud of by creating or being a member of an Arabic culture student organization. However, that was not possible in high school. But in college the story was different as I met multiple students who shared the same aspirations and dreams. And when we heard that there is a cultural student organization called ACSA intending to expand to the UW campus, we considered such an option and decided to join and be a part of it. Later we understood that this was the best decision we could have ever taken as we are able to embrace, share and present our unique cultural identity to other students and groups on the UW campus through this club.”

Amor Batroukh

Shiraz Amor Batroukh is Event Management/Public Relations Officer of the UW ACSA Seattle. She is from x and is majoring in. Shiraz is responsible for organizing ACSA activities at the UW Seattle Campus and recruiting student members.

**Open Leadership Roles**

Looking for engaged & committed students. Learn leadership skills and gain experience you can put on your resume that will propel you to success in your future career. Get a chance to create deep meaningful relationships with other students, the community and leaders for a network that will last a lifetime. All officer roles require 4 to 6 hours a week of volunteer service. For more information, on specific roles & responsibilities visit our Constitution/Bylaws.

1. Tech/Media Officer - Manage UW ACSA's website and media technologies to promote ACSA activities. (Open Now)

UW ACSA Program Advisors

Orchideh Raisdanai

Orchideh Raisdanai is an Business Management student and Chair of the Arabic Culture Student Association. The Arabic Culture Student Association is a new organization that promotes & support students of the Arabic Culture across the world. She intends to supplement her business knowledge to students with interests in the Middle East and North Africa. She is a business leader with over 15 years of experience in Financial Services which has given her the opportunity to work across the globe. Her current passion is microfinance and small business advising where she is active in business development for a culturally diverse community. She sits on the board of several non-profits focusing on cultural and social services. Orchideh’s experiences has led her to develop a passion for other cultures and bringing people together in successful ventures. She enjoys teaching Middle Eastern cooking and traveling with her husband and son.

Former officers 2014 to 2015

Sattam Alqadadi
Sattam was President of the BC ACSA and a founding member of the UW ACSA Seattle. He is from Saudi Arabia and is majoring in Business Management.