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Arabic Heritage Week 2015

Arabic Heritage Week - June 1st to June 5th

1. Monday & Friday - Arab World Picture Slideshow & Trivia Prizes (Cafeteria 12pm to 1pm)

2. Tuesday to Thursday - Souq (Marketplace 11am to 3pm), Get a Henna Tattoo, Try a tasty treat, Take home a piece of the Arab world with the collection of arts, crafts, clothing & accessories!!

3. Wednesday & Thursday - Hafla (Cafeteria Concerts 12pm to 1:30pm) Featuring the beautiful Arabic Music performed by the famous House of Tarab & George Sadak.

4. Want to learn Arabic phrases?? Join us for a workshop on Tuesday @ 3:15pm, A243. Taught by world renown educator, Huda Giddens

5. Arabic Movie Night!!! We'll be playing a special feature with English Subtitles & serving Zaatar Popcorn!! Tuesday @ 5:30pm, A243.
Don't forget all the wonderful Arabic films playing during this week @ SIFF (Ticket Discount Code: AFRICAN 2015)

6. Want to learn about Arabic Calligraphy or Arabic Music/Dance?? Join us for these workshops Thursday @ 3:15pm, A243. Calligraphy taught by world renown expert Mamoun Sakkal. Arabic music taught by famous musician George Sadak. Arab World Traditional dances taught by renown Janelle Bel Isle.

We'll have a Arab world artifact exhibit displaying in the Cafeteria & check out all the Arab World related books in the Library!! (all week long)

Seattle International Film Festival

We begin our 2nd Annual Arabic Heritage Week wtih BC ACSA by celebrating ACSA's partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). SIFF has lined up an amazing selection of Arabic films this year. Our members receive $2 off the ticket price & we even have some free tickets to give away!!! See the films showing info below & get your tickets here at SIFF 2015. Discount Codes: AFRICAN 2015 or MIDEAST2015

Have a great time with your family & friends...Arabic film in a "real" theater!!

Friday, May 22nd @ 11am - AMC Pacific Place 11 or Tuesday, May 26th @ 9:30pm - Harvard Exit
"Theeb" (Jordan) Director Naji Abu Nowar - The Arabian Desert, 1916: Theeb’s brother teaches him the Bedouin way of life. His lessons will prove crucial to the boy’s survival in this epic adventure tale with an intimate human core.

Friday, May 22 @ 3:30pm - Harvard Exit or Monday, May 25th @ 8:30pm - SIFF Uptown Festival
"The Valley" - (Lebanon) Director Ghassan Salhab - After surviving a car crash in Lebanon’s volatile, isolated Beqaa Valley, an amnesiac man finds himself held hostage on a local farm that doubles as an illegal drug-production facility, as his captors try to determine his identity—and his fate.

Friday, May 22nd @ 4:00pm (Director Hajooj Kuka scheduled to attend) AMC Pacific Place 11
"Beats of Antanov" - (Sudan) Set in the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain regions of Sudan, Beats of the Antonov celebrates South Sudan’s vibrant musical culture surviving by any means necessary in the face of their prolonged civil war. Director Hajooj Kuka scheduled to attend.

Friday, May 22nd @ 9:30pm ( Director Jan-Willem van Ewijk scheduled to attend) or Saturday, May 23rd @ 1pm - AMC Pacific Place 11
"Atlantic" - (Netherlands/Morroco) A young windsurfer from a small Moroccan coastal village undertakes a perilous solo voyage across the ocean to Europe, in this transcendently beautiful high-seas adventure.

Sunday, May 31st @ 6:45pm - Harvard Exit or Wednesday, June 3rd @ 4pm - AMC Pacific Place 11
"Decor" - (Egypt) Director Ahmad Abdalla -
An overworked film production designer begins to lose her grip on reality, slipping into the life she is creating on her latest movie set. This meta-movie playfully comments on the conventions of the classic “women’s picture.”

Tuesday, June 2 @ 6pm - Kirkland Performance Center or Friday, June 5 @11am - AMC Pacific Place 11 or June 7 @ 7pm - SIFF Cinema Egyptian
Ghadi" - (Lebanon) Director Amin Dora - In this irresistible and charming fable, the clueless residents of a tiny Lebanese village get touched by an angel when an imaginative and resourceful father hatches a plan to outsmart their intolerance for his young son born with Down syndrome.

Wednesday, June 3rd @ 7pm or Thursday, June 4th @ 4pm - AMC Pacific Place or Saturday, June 6th @ 2:30pm - Kirkland Performance Center (Director Muayad Alayan to attend)
"Love, Theft and Other Entanglements" - (Palestinian) Director Muayad Alayan - This Palestinian dark comedy centers on bumbling car thief Mousa who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, inadvertently inserting himself into the delicate negotiations of far more powerful forces.

Friday, June 5th @ 6:30pm or Saturday, June 6th @ 4pm - AMC Pacific Place 11 or Sunday, June 7th @ 8pm - Kirkland Performing Arts Center
"Excuse my French" - (Egypt) Director Amr Salama - In this family comedy and Egyptian box office smash, 12-year-old Hany, a precocious kid from a privileged Coptic Christian family, must adjust when a change in circumstances sends him to the local majority-Muslim public school.

Saturday, June 7th @ 4:30pm
"Alyam, Alyam" - (Morroco) Director Ahmed El Maanouni - Following his father’s death, Abdelwahad is expected to provide for his mother and his seven brothers. But faced with the cycle of poverty that rural farmers seem doomed to repeat, he dares to hope for something better.