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Arabic Art since antiquity having changed significantly starting in 500 A.D. at the advent of Islam. The first video set show Ancient art, archaeological evidence of the Pre-Islam. The next video is a very nicely done documentary on Islamic Architecture and Art.

Islamic Architecture & Art

Arabic film production is as old as Hollywood and centered in Egypt beginning with silent films as early as 1896. Egypt dominated the entertainment industry in the Arab world by producing eighty percent of its films. This is one of the reasons the Egyptian Arabic dialect is the most widely understood. Wikipedia does a great job compiling the history of Egyptian Cinema, link.  Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon and Palestine significantly contributed to film and entertainment for the region. Here is a link to IMDB's listings of popular modern Arabic films (most can be seen on NetFlix), Site.

Here is a great site that catalogs some the history of Arabic film and houses listings of Arabic films both classic and modern, link.

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