My Hookworm Therapy Journal

(or searching for a cure for allergies and multiple chemical sensitives)
Quick Summary 

Worm flu is awful. After 5-6 months (just starting to improve and shake the worm flu) all the worms died and I'm starting again.

Re-inoculated. After another 8 months I finally felt free of all allergies and could eat almost anything (so that's about 13 months of feeling pretty yuck but hopeful for a good result). At about 12 months (17 months since beginning) the worms lost their effectiveness. I reinoculated with 30 worms but that led to several months of depression, feeling low and slow, and bed ridden in the mornings (and did I mention job loss). 

I said enough is enough and killed the worms (2 years is a pretty good trial). After killing the worms it only took a day or two to return to normal and feel better. Back to controlling symptoms with diet and exercise. A much better option believe me. But we are all different.

Is this a typical experience? Everyone is different. I suspect Worm Therapy is good for some for improving life, but it's not cure. Especially for very sick people. Now I concentrate on raw food and other freely available things (see my blog). My allergies; chemical sensitives; bad sleeping patterns -- All fixed after just 2-3 months of adding in green juices. Read my journal more on this.

About My Diseases

My problems ranged from :-- Extreme chemical allergies especially pesticide and petroleum sensitivity (can't wear Chinese cotton because of the high levels of pesticide they use); Cold fever on exertion; No energy - Running on empty feeling, weak chest, afternoons in bed; In bed all morning; Sometimes too tired to think straight; Reacting to nearly all foods; Never confident to go out anywhere; Mental confusion & distress; Ringing ears; Extreme itchy ears etc; Sensitive to odors And so on... Much improved by going organic & adopting the "blood type diet", but recently things have deteriorated significantly. But my pallet of foods continues to shrink and I can do less and less. Worm Therapy seemed a good thing to try, 

Turn Around

Worm therapy is relief to many. But it's not a cure. It's another band-aid. Although we need a band-aid sometimes right? 
If you stop the worms you will revert. And while you wait months for the worms to mature you may get sicker due to side effects (since our bodies don't like hosting parasites). 

I no longer subscribe to the view of doctors and drug pharmaceutics companies. All they do is suppress symptoms via drugs or surgically removing the problem area. After much research I finally found some truth, and it was in plain view all the time. Natural foods especially greens are powerful healers. Why? Because most of our western diet is nutritionally poor. We have become too toxic (body can't clean up when under load with rich foods. It's flat out trying to source nutrients). We no longer eat fresh living micro-nutrient foods (containing vitamins and minerals). In the west we typically eat cooked, fried, and refined foods. No fresh raw greens. Heat kills off nutrients, the life force and the living enzymes in foods. This is what I was missing.

When we get sick it's because the body doesn't have the raw resources to heal itself. And everyone gets sick in a different way -- It may start with something small like a headache, dizziness, skin problems, low energy, allergies, gut problems. It progresses to more serious problems. it usually ends with something more serious like heart disease, cancer, diabetes or a stroke.

For me Worm Therapy didn't work. It was just another band-aid. A very unsuccessful band-aid. 
But at age 56 after introducing only green juices into my diet (no other changes), ALL my allergies and chemical sensitivities disappeared. Wow!

We don't believe in simple fixes any more. We want a scientific paper proving it. The TV news, doctors, advertising and authorities all have us thinking thinking that the problem is very complex and will take expensive medicine to fix. They are wrong. And thanks to the web and YouTube the message is finally getting out. People are healing  

Full Summary

  • Week 1 - Had a massive reaction to the parasite larvae in the blood stream and I lost all my allergies. Great feeling.
  • Week 2+ - After that allergies are back and health and energy are up and down as the body adjusts to the effects of the worms setting up home. Now the long haul. It will take 3-4 months for things to properly settle down and the benefits to kick in. Of course you only lose the allergies while you are infected. It's a remission not a cure. Must have experienced every unpleasant side effect I could imagine (bloating, extreme tiredness, stress and not coping). Something different all the time. One thing they don't tell you is how much the worms shake up your system. A difficult 3 months. Baby steps, baby steps. 
  • Week 12+ Starting to feel quite good. Loads of energy. Sleeping better hours. Body seems to be finding a new healthy rhythm. Starting to love life again. All my blood scans show I'm very healthy (best scans for several years). According to my provider things will continue to improve for several months. Don't really care how long it takes as I'm just enjoying the ride. At the moment I still need to be careful with diet and exposure to certain chemicals. But things are definitely improving.
  • 4 Months+ Some days are hard going. Lots of changes to adapt to. Started gym and going to try and lose more weight. Also zero hay fever type symptoms this year.
  • 5 Months+: See A Story at 5 months
  • All worms dead. And I'm starting again. I learnt that Olive Leave Extract is not good for worms. I had taken this throughout the entire time, however when the immune system bucked up and I think the combination of OLE and Good immune system killed them all off. It was a good experience as reverting allowed me to reflect on all the benefits I'd picked up in just 5 months.
  • Restarting. Reinoculated with 20 worms again. See Journal Part 3 - Starting Again
  • Egg Counting: This time I'm monitoring the worm farm by observing the eggs (in stool samples) under a microscope. See Egg Count
  • 4 Months+: Month 4 & 5 are again very up and down. Very difficult to apply myself to work. But now and then some super days.
  • Some Myths
    • Hook worms don't make your bum itch. That's tape worm etc which need to pop out sometimes to lay eggs (although young tapeworms I don't think itch).
    • Hook worms don't multiply inside you. They stay in the lower intestines. And live for 3+ years. Maybe as long as 5 or 6 years.
    • Once the worms mature thousand of microscopic eggs fall out your rear each day. But you wont notice them. And since we use toilets and wear shoes in the west there is no chance of others getting infected.
    • Worm therapy uses safe low infections to stimulate a misbehaving, lazy autoimmune system.
  • 8 Months after Re-inoculation - Feel good. The worms are working. Immune system is up and my symptoms are down.
    At the 8 month mark the "jury is in". Problems are radically improved. That whole dysfunctional autoimmune veneer I was smothered by has gone. Imagine walking out of a fog that has been with you for decades. I can only say how very grateful I am to Garin of WormTherapy.com and his work in treating me and that I could benefit from all his years of research and knowledge.I'm still on my organic simple whole foods diet. I still avoid wheat and dairy. I still avoid my work place because they sprayed pesticide in our work area. etc etc. But I feel normal. My brain is working properly. I no longer see colors in high saturation, or have blurry vision. I now have the same challengers as everyone else (ie. Keeping the balance between work, rest, play, eating right, exercising right, losing weight and staying fit). And I no longer smell faint traces of perfumes or technology or synthetic fumes burrowing into my brain and clouding my thinking. I now have energy to last the whole day, and walk daily, and have joined a weekly Karate class.
  • 2012 - The celebration was short lived. The worms started to die off again and I declined worse than ever, Concentration is appalling. Bed ridden. Lost my job. I killed off the last of the worms using an anti-parasite from the chemist. After killing the worms I felt wonderful for a month or two. The relief to the body after losing the parasites was amazing. But eventually I reverted again to my usual sickly state.
  • 2013 - I started adding in just green juice. In 3 months all my allergies and MCS disappeared. WOW! 
    These days I'm about 80-90% raw food. 100% whole food. Love it. Approaching the 1 year mark. Real living food helps the body to heal itself. Eating clean foods also helps the body release years of built up toxins stored in the liver and various spots in body. It will take time but I now feel I'm on the road to real healing.
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