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No matter how good you are, you're going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are you're going to win one-third of your games. It's the other third that makes the difference. ~Tommy Lasorda

Crosley Field (Cincinnati)
Welcome to BBW Utilities

I've been involved with Baseball for Windows computer game for over ten years. Although my background doesn't include playing the APBA board game, unlike many BBW replayers, I did play a dice-based game of my own creation. I've been interested in baseball statistics since I started following the game, and kept records of games I played in spiral notebooks. I accumulated batting and pitching records for the year. Although my mother threw out my nearly complete 1952 Topps baseball card collection (who knew), I still have my dice-game records.

The 1952 Cubs

I grew up in Chicago in the 50s, and have followed the Cubs since, although I must admit that baseball from pre-1960 still holds a fascination for me today.

My first year of actually following baseball was 1952, and the Cubs were my team. These were the days before Ernie Banks (he came up in the fall of 1953, I think). I can still recite from memory the names of most of the players on that roster starting with my favorite player, Dee Fondy (pictured). He was the regular first baseman and wore number 40. I took old t-shirts of mine and drew that number on the back in black crayon. I practiced hitting left-handed like him (I'm righty).

The others on the 1952 team included

  • Hank Sauer (lf),
  • Bill Serena and Randy 'Handsome Ransom' Jackson(3b),
  • Roy Smalley (ss),
  • Eddie Miksis and Bob Ramazotti(2b),
  • Hal Jeffcoat and Frankie Baumholtz (cf) (Finished 2nd in batting to Stan Musial),
  • Gene Hermanski (rf),
  • Harry Chiti and Toby Atwell (c),
  • Bob Rush (sp) - (he was winning pitcher in the 5-inning 1952 All-Star game). Warren Hacker (sp), Don Minner (sp), Dutch Leonard (rp).
Jack Brickhouse and Harry Creighton did the TV play by play on WGN-TV, Channel 9. Phil Cavaretta was manager. Without checking reference books, I can't remember for sure who the others were.

My Background

Most of my professional career, I've been designing and programming. At the personal level, I've been developing baseball statistics-keeping programs since my first 8-bit computer using the available version of Basic. Professionally, until I retired, I programmed in Visual Basic (and Visual Basic for Applications-VBA) and upgraded my early creations to this language. VBA is the language used in the Microsoft Access environment to customize applications.

When I first got interested in Baseball for Windows, I wrote an early utility, PMBBWOUT, to give me more control of the statistical output from StatMaster. I published it via Compuserve (I think) and a version of that program appeared in FanPark in the 1990's. Fanpark was a collection of utilities published by the Miller company of BBW fame.

The latest version is now available here. It was moderately well received in the BBW community, and it was then that Alan Berger and I began corresponding. In the late 1990s, I collaborated mainly with Alan, David Norwood, and Rich Fischer on a package called the Norwood Career Database, which is described elsewhere on this site. David was the initiator of this application. Over the years, I've sort of headed the later development effort and was able to put my many years of design and programming to good use.

I also created two other utilities during the years, 'BBWUsage' and 'Games Data Collection', also described elsewhere on this site.

Lately, I've become interested in the creation of web pages, and have developed and re-developed my home page to what it looks like now. Since, most of the time, I can't leave anything alone, I'll probably be tinkering with this site for some time. This latest version of the site features more pictures which I hope you'll enjoy,