The main screen of the app is a media player.  The app responds to all the BlackBerry media controls and keyboard shortcuts.  From here you can see the song and artist info when available.

By selecting the bird and heart icons you  will be presented an input screen that allows you to manually update your now playing status with what every message you would like.  It will be pre-populated with the artist name and song.

From the context menu you can toggle between playing songs in order of shuffle all the currently playing songs.

By selecting and artists name you can bind it to a twitter handle for the artist.  From here you can find some information about the artist.  Once bound the artists twitter handle will also appear in the pre-populated tweet to generate a mention for the artist.

On the Find Song screen just start typing to filter down to the song you are looking for.

From the options screen you can you can set the base folder where all your music is located, select to auto tweet a status update with every track played, bind you app with a Twitter account and do some connection diagnostics.