How To Make A Spinning Wheel Game

how to make a spinning wheel game
    spinning wheel
  • a small domestic spinning machine with a single spindle that is driven by hand or foot
  • A spinning wheel is a device for spinning thread or yarn from natural or synthetic fibers.
  • An apparatus for spinning yarn or thread, with a spindle driven by a wheel attached to a crank or treadle
  • A throbber is a graphic found in a graphical user interface of a computer program (especially a web browser) that animates to show the user that the program is performing an action (such as downloading a web page).
    how to
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how to make a spinning wheel game - New 30"
New 30" Dry Erase White Prize Wheel Carnival Spinning Office Game Work Party
New 30" Dry Erase White Prize Wheel Carnival Spinning Office Game Work Party
Best Choice Products presents to you this brand new 30" prize wheel. Our Prize wheel is designed to draw the crowd at your next public exhibition, such as trade shows, carnivals, annual meetings, holiday activities, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, so you're getting the best possible prices.
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(Free) Whiteboard eraser
(Free) Water-based mark pen
30" Tabletop dry erase prize wheel.
14 Customizable prize segments for text & logo
Clear dry erase acrylic and PVC foam board
Double red PP pointer that clicks and ready to spin
Rubber caps on screws between segments
Heavy duty thick solid wood stand
Detachable stand for space saving
Wheel Diameter: 30"
Stand Height: 32-3/4"
Base Width: 15-3/4"
Base Depth: 8-1/4"
(1) 30" Prize Wheel
(1) (Free) Whiteboard eraser
(1) (Free) Water-based mark Pen
ONLY use water-based mark pen on acrylic board, DO NOT write with oil-based pens or other permanent pens. Thank You!!

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295/365 - Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair.
295/365 - Carolina Foothills Heritage Fair.
October 22nd, 2009 - What a day! I was up bright and early working and hauling away wood and stuff from building projects. I was out and working my bum off until 4:30 when I finally got home from my final trip out... I was exhausted after so much heavy lifting. But a certain little girl called, and asked in her sweetest voice, if I'd like to go to the fair with her. How could I say no?! I wanted to go to the fair anyway seeing as it was the first ever fair held in Westminster... So, I said yes. Even though I was coated in mud, grim, dust and goodness knows what else. I rushed home and got myself looking decent in record breaking time... Then I remembered I had let my chickens and ducks out. Oops. Those dorks will not go up until they're damn good and ready (dusk, of course!), even if I have the best treats. So, I asked Mimi and Miranda to tend to my babies for me. A first for me and my birds, too... didn't know how that'd go! So, anyway, the fair... When we got there, I was amazed at just how awesome it was. It's exactly how I think a little country fair should be. Pony rides, a little petting zoo, the 4-H tent, some not so safe looking carnival rides, tractors everywhere, wagon rides. Everything I'd expect and more. Men walking around in overalls and carharts. Kids running about in the grassy field. Ladies selling homemade items from jams and jellies to crocheted or knitted blankets and baby items. Miss Britton rode a white pony and cautiously fed the animals in the petting zoo. While I... well, I snuggled and talked to pretty much every animal. Go figure. I did the same in the 4-H tent. The animal area was dangerous for me ;) I definitely want a mini donkey now. I already knew I wanted more goats later... But I decided I definitely want one with moon spots. Preferably a Nigerian Dwarf. Possibly a Boer buddy for Diego. I still want a pig and those piglets made that much worse but that will be quite a while, if ever. Next spring, there will definitely be "showgirl" baby chicks running about. Like I said, DANGEROUS! Oh, and the goat Halloween costume show! I'm so sad I didn't get there in time to get decent pictures but I saw it from a distance... All I can say is Diego is in big trouble if I figure out how to make one ;) Anyway, Britton and I shared a delicious funnel cake and some lemonade while watching the sun go down behind the carnival rides. She played a quick carnival game and won a BLUE dolphin. It had to be blue, the strange colored dolphins offended her... She and I then rode the spinning strawberries together (think teacups at Disney except... not as nice). She also got to ride the carousel and little race cars. She was thrilled! Brit and I popped back to the 4-H tent to catch the end of the goat show. Those little kids with those goats made me melt. After that, Miss B wanted a wagon ride desperately. So, we stopped the guy that was free. His wagon wasn't as nice as the other guy. No seats, just bean bag chairs thrown in the wagon...No decent sides. Just, well, a flat wagon with a canvas top. Nice enough. It was an interesting ride to say the least. His horses were spooked by the carnival rides, so things got... rough and bumpy... I was grabbing Britton, my camera and the bars supporting the top to make sure we didn't bounce out! I swear I sprouted a third arm because I'm not sure how I handled grabbing all of that, but I did. Like I said, interesting! Perhaps this is why he was free?! ;) I was starving for something more solid than just a funnel cake. I hadn't eaten much today so I was desperate. Britton and I grabbed a philly cheese steak sandwich and chili cheese fries. Um, well, I wouldn't call that stuff on my sandwich steak... Maybe sliced roast beef or mystery meat? I'm not exactly sure. I ate enough of it to get by. That involved picking the peppers and mushrooms off and eating them alone, pretty much. Britton devoured the rest. Strange child. Now the chili cheese fries, I had to pick the fries out that hadn't been touched by that repulsive chili. Chris proved to be handy, he disposed of that gross junk. I guess I'm spoiled to Mimi's chili?! Later, we all got together to watch the very ghetto yet hilarious wrestling matches. I am not into wrestling at all... But this was just crazy mock stuff and quite frankly, I was ready to sit down for a bit! I was so tired, I felt drunk. My two cups of coffee and sugar made for an interesting time. I'll put it this way, I embarassed Chris horribly. I think he wanted to crawl away and hide. I'm typically not loud at all, very quiet and mellow. I was quite crazy and silly during a certain match, though... A wrestler in a Spongebob getup caused my embarassment for Chris. I guess I'm not a closet Spongebob fan anymore? But it was hilarious. Looking back, I'm glad I was tired and delirious enough to just let loose. It was fun. By the time I got home, it was 11 pm and that lovely second wind kicked in... But it was
Canadian Female Bicycle Racer
Canadian Female Bicycle Racer
Top photo of Sara wearing a Janet Bike Girl T-Shirt, hand stenciled organic cotton From Rookie to Elite in Two Years By BRAD PETERS, REVIEW SPORTS EDITOR It doesn't take long to notice just how completely cycling has taken over Sara Byers' life. While sitting outside of the Willoughby Museum, which the 32-year-old curates, on a sunny, windy Thursday afternoon, a pleasant gust of wind comes rolling off the Niagara River and gently moves tree limbs, leaves ... and bicycle tires and wheels suspended in the tree. ? "I'm very lucky to work with people who are so accomodating," she says with an easy laugh and a glance upward at the dozen or so bicycle tires dangling and swaying above our heads. There is nothing lucky, however, about the incredible success that Byers has had in the sport of cycling in an astonishingly short period of time. Her impressive list of bicycle racing accomplishments comes down to two things: Dedication and hard work. Topping that last of accomplishments was her recent signing to an elite-level, provincial cycling team, P-K Express/HNZ team is run by the husband and wife team of Chris Komar and Susan Palmer- Komar, a three-time national champion, two-time Olympian and Commonwealth Games silver medallist. Racing on a team of that quality, in and of itself, is indicative of a superior athlete. The fact that Byers was asked to join the team after cycling for a mere 14 months is almost unbelievable. "The members of the team were women that I was racing against, so the coach is there as well watching all the races," she said. "What he said was that I was on his radar. I came to their attention by just winning all the races that I was in." But just two years ago, Byers had no idea that she would be eligible to participate in a national cycling competition. She says that she was approaching 30, not happy with the direction her life was taking and she decided to make some changes. Change No. 1 was to lose some weight ... and when Byers decides on a course of action, she's all in. "At the very beginning, I was just doing spin classes. That's where I lost a lot of weight, through my training at Premier Fitness and with a diet program that they had. I entered this 'Biggest Loser' contest they had on. That's when I discovered how competitive I am," she says with that same easy laugh that punctuates much of her conversation. "I lost 70 pounds in six or seven months and won the contest." As the pounds dropped and her spin class ability soared, she came to the attention of competitive cyclists who used the classes for winter training and conditioning. "Some of the Thorold Trailhogs, who are now part of the Short Hills Cycling Club, said to me, 'You're pretty good at this, you should get out on a real bike and see what it's like.'" Initialling dismissing the winter mountain bike riders as 'crazy,' she eventually relented and was instantly hooked. And not just on trail riding, her love for road riding and racing soon followed. "For my first road event, some girls from the gym decided to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer," Byers said. "I bought my first road bike and started training. It's a 200-kilometre weekend ride. For a first big ride, that's huge. "But I guess I overtrained for that, because I got out ahead of the club. Afterwards, they asked me how I got so good, so fast. But I was just so excited to get out on the road. It was terrifying and exciting all at the same time." That excitement and healthy fear of the speed of the sport was soon channelled into determination to win ... and win she has. In 11 races this season -- eight in mountain biking and three on the road -- Byers has won eight times. In the other three races, she's had two thirds and one fourth. Byers' most recent victory came Sunday at the 12th annual Lake to Lake Classic which runs from Port Colborne to Port Dalhousie. She won the women's 30-39 category, finished second overall for women and 38th overall out of 800 participants. "The Lake to Lake win was probably the biggest result of my career because it was the race I started with in 2009. I finished 197th last year and I was a half hour slower. It feels like all the hard work over the past year has paid off." But even with the big Lake to Lake win, it hasn't satisfied Byers' desire to compete at the highest level possible. For that, she has her sights set on the National Masters Road Cycling Championships being held near Edmonton, Alta., July 2 to 4. She will be racing in both the time trial and road race events. That is if she can raise enough money to help offset the expense of competing. In order to help cover the more than $1,500 cost of traveling to the event (transporting bikes will cost nearly $200 alone), Byers is looking for the support of the community. Any sponsors would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to help Byers reach her fund

how to make a spinning wheel game
how to make a spinning wheel game
24 Inch Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel
This is a new and drastically improved design. This Prize Wheels sturdy design is backed with a 1 YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. New handcrafted 24 inch spinning prize wheel. Solid and sturdy construction with dual bearing hub and a stable base . The face is digitally printed and sealed with dry erase laminate. This is a true dry erase laminate that when used with a dry erase marker can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. (Fact about White Faced Wheels made from Melamine Board: Melamine is not a true dry erase surface and requires the use a liquid cleaner to remove dry erase marker.) Wheel is cut from 1/2 inch thick pressure treated particle board and fitted with wooden pegs for a great clicking sound. Dimensions: Wheel: Approx 23 1/2 inches in diameter Base: Approx 26 inches tall. 1 year replacement guarantee is included for wheels sold after 11/20/2010