Video Competition

Annual Ski Social Video Competition
Leigh's  6th Annual Backcountry Ski Social included the inaugural Video competition. Is was a perfect finish to the kick-off event for the backcountry ski season.

The basic rules are:
- entries must include local people and/or local places.
- Pre-screening and selection completed by BBSS executive
- Winners voted by audience at ski social
- Additional rules may be added as required.

"The Best Ski Video" will be awarded a "prize" and "Ski Trophy"
"Broken Ski Category" goes to best humour or making the best of a bad situation video awarded a "prize" and the "Broken Ski Trophy"

2013 Winners
Broken Ski Award - No Winner for 2013

Rest of 2013 Entries:

2012 Winners:
Best Ski Video - Telkwa Ski Crew is the Raddest! (Greg Winter)
Broken Ski Award - Larson Luge (Mark Rossman)

Rest of 2012 Entries:
Starr Creek (Dylan Smith)
Backcountry Skiing: The true story (Will Mackenzie)
Ski Baby Ski (Kym Putnam)
Cloud 10 (Will Mackenzie)
Elliot Glades (Aaron Trowbridge)

Get Ready For Next Year!
A big thank you to the people who stepped up by entering a video this year and helping us get our stoke on for the ski season. Start collecting your footage for your chance of getting your name engraved on the trophies and picking up the grand prizes for 2014. Will somebody top the Telkwa Ski Crew?