Trip Schedule

Important — Please Read

• Day trips may happen on the day with the best conditions for the activities. • Trips may be re-scheduled, relocated, or cancelled based on conditions. • Trip ratings are used as a guideline only. • Trip coordinators will have the final say on preparedness, capability of trip participants and appropriate group size. • Trip coordinators are not ski guides unless otherwise stated •Please contact the trip coordinator in advance to confirm participation in the fun •Backcountry Skiing is dangerous

Each of these trips is rated according to the following scale: (1) number of days, (2) length of day, and (3) technical difficulty. So a trip rated (1 M E) would take place on one day, completed within 10 hours, and would pose few technical challenges. Contact the trip coordinator for complete information on trips

Length: S=short (<6 hrs.) M=medium (6-10 hrs.) L=long (>10 hrs.)   Technical Difficulty: E=easy M=moderate H=hard

Make sure you are prepared before you head out on a trip. See our Resources Page or the Canadian Avalanche Centre for more information. Local snow stability information is shared on the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) Skeena/Babine mountain trip talk discussion forum.
Click "Northwest-BC" under "CAC Forecasts" here for the latest local Public Avalanche Bulletin.
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