Hankin-Evelyn Backcountry Skiing Recreation Area

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Introduction To the Project
The Hankin-Evelyn Backcountry Recreation area is a new approach to backcountry skiing in the Bulkley Valley. This Recreation Area creates significant new below-tree-line skiing  and ensures access roads are maintained throughout the winter. It’s all about supporting the backcountry ski community by opening up a wealth of non-motorized ski touring terrain for all abilities. Spanning low elevation snow shoeing and cross-country loops, beginner, intermediate and expert tree runs, or high alpine bowls—Hankin-Evelyn offers something for everyone.

The Story

It began in 2008 when Brian Hall had the vision and secured funding to make it a reality. Jay Gilden and the Bulkley Valley Backpackers Society stepped in to provide support and through 2009-2010 runs and trails were cut, a cabin was upgraded and a warming-shelter constructed. In late 2010 the Bulkley Backcountry Ski Society also threw its support into the project and joined Recreation Sites and Trails BC in taking the lead role in managing the Recreation Area. The local business community and dedicated individuals have supported this project from the beginning— winter road plowing is done through their generous contributions. While the core infrastructure is in place, there will always be room  for improvements and ongoing maintenance. Recreationalists and volunteers are the lifeblood of this project—keep those skin tracks set and chainsaws sharp!


Hankin Mtn Area

The Hankin Backcountry Ski Area features low-elevation snowshoe and crosscountry loops (not trackset), nine below-tree-line runs, an overnight cabin (Hankin Lookout), a day-use warming shelter, and provides access to alpine bowls. The Ridge Trail also connects to the Evelyn Backcountry Ski Area for longer traverses. Outhouses are available at the warming shelter and parking lots.


Note: the developed ski trails reach to tree-line and are adjacent to alpine bowls. Those alpine areas are not part of the developed trail system and anyone who ventures into those areas does so on their own.

The Evelyn Backcountry Ski area provides access and egress to a variety of attractive alpine basins surrounding Elliot Peak and features a gladed run from tree-line to valley bottom.

Maps are posted at trailheads and the warming hut. Maps are also available for sale at the Storks Nest Inn for a nominal fee, or can be downloaded below for free.


Hankin-Evelyn Recreation Area - Brochure and Access Map
NOT UPDATED with 2011 information, but still usefull. This brochure has driving instructions and access maps. Prints double sided on 8.5 x 11

Hankin Backcountry Recreation Area Map
Updated November 2011. This map has detailed information for the Hankin side. It prints at 8.5 x 11 x 17

Evelyn Backcountry Recreation Area Map
Updated November 2011. This map has detailed information for the Evelyn side. It prints at 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17

Hankin-Evelyn Backcountry Recreation Area Google Earth
NOT UPDATED with 2011 information, but still usefull. This is a Google Earth file with all the project information including access, parking, trails, runs, names, and cabin/warming shelter locations.

Adopt-A-Trail Maintenance Program
We have established a maintenance program to help preserve the area for the future. Our “ADOPT-A-TRAIL” program is meeting with enthusiastic support and volunteers are lining up to help maintain this area.  The volunteers on this list have offered to keep their trails and runs free of blow downs and debris. All trails will be in great shape for next ski season.

Run 1 & A pickup trail

Michael Hurwitz

Run 2 & Run 3


Run 4

Kevin & Mary Knight

Run 5

Ryan & Andrea Buchanan

Run 6

Dave Walter

Run 7

Eckhard Mendel

Run 8 & F Up-track

Sam Cooper

Lookout trail

Gavin Harrison

Upper E trail (Hut Connector)

Aaron Trowbridge

Trails D, E & B

Brian Hall, Joe Pojar and Christian Lehoux

Run 9

Derek Wilmot

Loops, Connectors, Passby Trail

Jay Gilden

Ridge Trail

Jerry Huisman

Run 8A


Up-track Run 5


 Hankin Hut Uptrack (Run 6) Brian Hall, Joe Pojar and Christian Lehoux
 Hankin Cabin      Brian Hall, Joe Pojar and Christian Lehoux
 Lookout Cabin Brian Hall, Joe Pojar and Christian Lehoux
We are still looking for more friendly and energetic volunteers to help out with our maintenance program.  To take on a trail or to find out about any other on-going maintenance initiatives and how to help out please email BBSSHankin@gmail.com or alfredschaefer@gmail.com.
For more information on the Hankin-Evelyn Area or to get involved with this project please contact: BBSSHankin@gmail.com.


Disclaimer: These are wilderness areas– use at your own risk. Backcountry skiing and hiking is hazardous and should only be undertaken with a full understanding of all inherent risks. Although every effort has been made to ensure this information is accurate and up-to-date, no liability whatsoever is assumed for the use of this information. Be aware you are entering avalanche terrain. Be aware of current conditions. Assess the avalanche hazard before proceeding. Do not proceed if uncertain of the current hazard. Avalanche danger ratings and bulletins are available from www.avalanche.ca.


Enjoy the skiing!
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