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An Introduction

Bruce Brorson is an Associate Professor in the Business Department at the University of Minnesota, Crookston. 

A faculty member at UMC since December of 1975, over the past 20 years Mr. Brorson has directed a number of eBusiness and Higher Education Technology projects.  His work has been funded by the Ford and Northwest Minnesota Foundations, as well as the United States Departments of Agriculture, Commerce and Labor.

Mr. Brorson’s specific research interests are focused on:

  1. eBusiness integration, of which he is actively engaged in assessing the value and challenges of deploying advanced "Software as a Service" (SaaS) / Cloud Computing web applications to support the growth of entrepreneurial companies in small manufacturing and tourism.
  2. and, online learning.  His specific focus at UMC since 2006 has been in building and assessing models that assure quality student experiences with accountable learning objectives with documented learning outcomes. 

Bruce is an active member of the eWeek Magazine Corporate Partners Advisory Board and a contributor to the "eVal - From the Trenches" columns in the magazine.  He is also an active workshop presenter and advocate for equal and universal access to advanced/broadband telecommunications services for all rural regions and urban neighborhoods throughout the state of Minnesota.

On pages following this introduction, you will find presentation materials from his numerous workshops and seminars.


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