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Mr. Paris (My old Greek BBQ Buddie)

I worked at the Almyra Hotel a few years back as executive chef. That was an interesting era. I taught all the greek boys how to make sushi, sashimi and teriyaki and I made a fusion cuisine of Greek Japanese. It all went down very well. Regarding Mr. Paris and his BBQ skills...I may be the BBQ wizard, but certainly Paris is the BBQ king. have a look at his unique recipe below.


The Recipe


5 chicken breast fillets
4 slices of garlic
5 tea spoons oregano
1 onion in rings
1 cube chopped ginger
5 tea spoons tandoori spice
5 tea spoons cumin  
3 soup spoons chilly sauce
½ box of special Chinese mustard
3 soup spoons HP sauce
2 cups of extra virgin Olive oil
Pure strained yogurt (300 gr)
Salt / Black Pepper


Prepare the chicken breast fillets so as to be thin slices. Put in a small bowl the olive oil, ginger, HP sauce, mustard, chilly sauce and mixed up. Cut the onion in rings and garlic into cubes. Take a large bowl and put in the 5 chicken breast fillets, cover them with the marinade prepared with little salt, pepper, oregano, tandoori, cumin and 2-3 of onion rings, 2-3 cubes of garlic and one soup spoon of strained yogurt. At the end filled up with leaves. Mixed all the ingredients and put them in the fridge for 2 days. After 2 days it can be either baked in special donner kebab machine that rolls meat or in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes in special sieve in order to exert any unwanted liquids.
Served the kebab inside a Cypriot pitta with yogurt or tzatziki. Otherwise it can be served in plate with chopped tomato, onion, cucumber and parsley.