BBQ トップティップス

Top tips aims to help trouble shoot any problems that may occur while BBQ-ing
  • TIMING... Always light the BBQ about one hour before you start cooking. If the coals are too young flames will scorch and burn the food. food will get covered with black soot. NOT GOOD!!

  • GETTING IT STARTED...I've seen many BBQ greenhorns commit the following sin. They spread the coals flat, scatter the BBQ lighter fuel on top and then light it up...Incorrect!!                                                      Try this...Believe me, This is by far the best way...In the center of the BBQ put all the unlit coals and make a tall pyramid shape...since I live in Japan shall I say make the shape of mount Fuji. Now put the lighter fuel at the base of the pile, and light it up. it should take 15 min. to reach a good flame stage, and then a further 30 to 40 min. to get good amber coals.

  • TIN CAN TECHNIQUE  ...So if you start your BBQ as I descibed above, if you want in to be ready 20 minutes faster then you can try the tin can technique. Its very need a large size empty tin can with the top and bottom removed. place it on the top of the pyramid. It will create a chimni effect, and oxygen will be sucked in at the base. It makes a big differance. the size of the can should be A10 (2 kg tomato can).

  • FLAMES... if  flames appear whilst BBQ-ing there are a number of ways to remove this unwanted problem 1. scatter a few drops of water on the problem area. 2. Drop some slices of raw potato onto the flames. 3. Before you start cooking scatter some ashes from a previous BBQ ontop of the hot coals...this method is by far the best.

  • BURNING... Meat is burning but still raw in the middle. raise the hight of the grill and move the pieces of meat to the edge.