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Shiitake mushrooms in foil jp


My life, My love, My BBQ…My Shiitake mushrooms

































Let me start from the beginning…I love life , I love to BBQ and I love shiitake mushrooms.

What I would love to share with you now though, my fellow BBQ gurus is my BBQ philosophy

Point 1.

Don’t waste your life doing things the way you’ve always done them just because you’re scared of change

Point 2..

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

Point 3.

For those of us who enjoy BBQ to the extent that it becomes our love our obsession and our religion, lets face it when we see those who do bad BBQ’s and torture our sacred art, this is the point that we wish THE BBQ POLICE would come along and kindly remove the BBQ license from the accused. I mean, I’m tellin ya…I’ve even seen people that have trouble just to fire up the blessed coals. So God bless the BBQ POLICE.



The shiitake story

Let’s talk about one simple ingredient…Shiitake mushrooms!!!

I told my wife once that shiitake mushrooms were my favorite ingredient in the world. She looked at me with a smile and told me that I said the same god dammed thing last week about aubergines (eggplant in US and the land of OZ), furthermore 2 weeks before that I said the same about duck. OK so what!!! I’ve got many favorite ingredients. Maybe I just love food.

Anyway let’s get back to shiitake talk. I have been cooking shiitake for many years straight on the wire rack over the BBQ but recently I swear on the tin foil approach. I will proudly put my right hand on the Holy BBQ Guru bible and solemnly swear till I’m blue in the face that if you lovingly stick those little babies in a foil parcel they will kindly deliver a texture and flavor experience that will win hands down over the open grill or wire rack school of thought.

My friend in Gifu has his own private shitake farm it’s called (Joe’s land) he’s been cooking them for donkeys years the old way. I cooked some for him in foil one time. We compared the taste of both ways. He was sold on the idea straight away.


So on the other hand, if something works fine the way it is then quite often there’s no need for change. There’s no point in doing something modern or new if it’s just for the sake of being in Vogue.

The fashionable and tasteless BBQ is not the road that the wizard will be walking down. I’m sure my fellow BBQ gurus will agree on that point.


To make Shiitake mushrooms in foil


Use shiitake mushrooms, a knob of butter, a little salt, black pepper, a drop of Kikoman dark soy, a splash of white wine and just a little chopped garlic.


Wrap them up into a little pillow shaped parcel. Add a second layer of foil just to make sure that they don’t leek. Lovingly place the little parcel on a very hot BBQ and cook for about 15 to 18 minutes turn it over every 3 to 4 minutes.


Please enjoy your BBQing. Be adventurous and experimental. Focus on taste, and watch out for the BBQ police.

Over and out…The Wizard.