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 SKEWERS (Souvla and Souvlaki)


In the picture above the smaller is the souvlaki skewer...and the larger the souvla.

souvla skewers (75cm long and 8mm thick).

souvlaki skewers  (40cm long and 3mm thick) 

Below left is the Souvla skewers....and on the right the souvlaki

It is possible to put 2 motors on this BBQ at the same time... one for the souvla and one for the souvlaki. I only happen to have one. If I've got a lot of friends comming over and I want to do souvla and souvlaki at the same time...I will normaly do the following... I will stick the motor on the souvla cause they take up to an hour and I will turn the souvlaki by had. Another great thing about the design of the Greek BBQ is that if you turn one souvlaki handle they will all turn. They're all connected inside with cogs.


 Of course I have the option to take the skewers off and grill straight on the wire rack. thats good for steaks, slices of aubergine and anything thinly sliced.









I recomend this design of tongs I use 40 cm length...comes in handy when the BBQ is Very hot.







These are 30 cm...they will do but I prefer the longer ones.





These are 20 cm stainless skewers they work well for bite sized can cook these on the wire rack.





Its small the wire rack is 15cm x 15cm. 

In Japanese cooking on the wire rack is called amiyaki (網焼き)

I also have a stone that fits on top for cooking thin slices of meat...very good for kuroge Wagyu (Japanese beef) which happens to be Hands down the best beef in the world!!! stone cooked in Japanese is called ishiyaki (石焼)

 I'll tell you what I also do with it...I make home made pita bread or rosemary and garlic Foccacia. I put the hibachi in the middle of the table filled with hot charcoal we tare the bread into bit sized pieces with our hands, warm them on the hibachi and then dip then into my famous CRAZY HOT SAUCE or into BABAGANOUSH. Great with cold beer!!!


Recipe links

Babaganoush, Lebanese Aubergine Sauce

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