Korean Fusion | "Gourmet Food in a Flash"

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BBQ Kalbi brings quality Korean fusion cuisine to the people of the bay area! We combine healthy ingredients into tasty, affordable meals everyone can enjoy.

Serving Silicon Valley, BBQ Kalbi is best known as “Gourmet Food In A Flash”.

Our Korean Fusion Food Truck dishes out lunch to hungry techies.

We do catering to private parties, offices, and participate in large events

3305 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Monday - Friday: 5pm-10pm

Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

What our Customers are saying

"BBQ KALBI is the bomb!"

"They have some of the best food to come out of a moving truck that I have ever had. There Bibimbap burrito with pork is so yummy my lips almost fall off from trying to eat it soooo fast. What really makes this place is the mango sauce they have. You throw that on any item they have and bam you just stepped it up a notch. I would highly recommend finding these guys and ordering a burrito of your own. Get there early though because they run out of food. They also screwed up my orders once or twice and went well out of their way to make things better. For that you get five stars. They want your service no matter who you are."

Mike J.

"I love BBQ Kalbi truck!"

"They are generous with the meats in their tacos and come with a variety of sauces on a table they set up. My favorite is spicy mayo.

As for meats, I tried unagi, spicy pork and spicy chicken tacos. The pork and chicken were flavorful and tender, and as a non spicy eater, I could still handle it which is good for me. The eel was a little odd, due to the texture.

I also recommend the bibimbap burrito if you're looking for a bigger meal. It's like the regular burrito but with all the veggies found in a bowl of bibimbap. I got this with spicy pork and it left me stuffed."

Megan H.

"First time coming here for lunch"

"The prices are fairly reasonable. The service is so great.

Kalbi is mature and they really care about you. The owner was helping out a guy and telling him which sauces to pair his tacos with. Normally I don't think they would even take the time to do that.

I ordered the kalbi taco's & spicy pork tacos. OH MY GOD. The meat is full of flavor and they don't throw all the slaw all over the tacos. I mean, by overpowering it with the stuff. My favorite part was that they actually have the sauce bottles sitting out and you can put whatever you'd like. The spicy mayo & spicy mango aren't that spicy but they're both rich in flavor. The "hot sauce" definitely has a kick and is quite good!"

Stephanie B.