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Every second weekend in May since 1979, Owensboro springs to life with the wonderful smells and sounds of the International Bar-B-Q Festival. Smoke from hickory-stoked fires blends with the aromas of sizzling chicken, bubbling burgoo, and roasting mutton.  It is also host to a number of live music stages, performing around the clock to complete the festival atmosphere.
Since 2007, the festival has been gracious enough to host a stage which targets a group from an alternative lifestyle.  This stage has come to be known as the Youth Stage.  Catering mainly to the underground metal and hardcore scene, it hasn't taken long to be recognized as a different breed from the rest of the festival.  This aside, we strive for an over all positive environment and welcome anyone who wants to be involved.  We're on a mission to change the stigma associated with our group/lifestyle.
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