Different Types Of Chicken Recipes. Chicken Noodle Soup Recipes.

Different Types Of Chicken Recipes

different types of chicken recipes
    different types
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Her first time ...
Her first time ...
Upper Boon Keng, Singapore She is kinda quite cute type really, she even start to pick up her cooking skills where she been left up at least 5 years ago. On that day, she woke up early morning and get all the necessary recipe just to making up a bowl of chicken herbal soup. Guess she is also putting alot more effort on how to improve her skills. This day marked the last day of renting the 50mm f1.4 lens. While waiting for delivery guy to collect from my place, i tried to grab the time open and start shooting this bowl of soup that she made in the morning. I just heat it up and enjoy the soup. Surprisingly that i am impressed by it. Taste really good, right after putting little bit of salt. I am happy with the outcome turnouts nicely, with the marvelous lens, the effect really can tell the different. The most important thing is, the moment capture is precious always...
14 Mar 07
14 Mar 07
Delia's Ragu. Four hours in the oven while I was out at small group. Yum. I don't think I make any other recipes that call for four different types of meat (I only used 3 though, because i can't deal with liver, not even chicken livers). Also, that is my basil freshly shredded on top, from my own pot on the shelf by the kitchen window.

different types of chicken recipes
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