Welcome to the Tri-M website.  This is where you will submit activities for points, keep up-to-date with new events, check when meetings are, and keep track of your membership.  If you have any questions regarding the website, please use the Contact Page on the left.  As this is an honor society, it is your job as a member to periodically check this website for events and meetings.  

Please be sure to enter your contact information on the Member Information Form page.  We will use this information for mailings, notifications, etc. 

POINTS:  All points for this year will be recorded and monitored through this website.  Events, such as BASO, Jazz Band/Choir, Full Orchestra (for band members), the musical, and any other in-school event must be submitted.  We do not check attendance through programs or other means.  You must contact us to receive your points.  Out of school events must also be submitted.  The appropriate forms are located on the left panel under "Point Submission."  

ABSENCES: Each member is allocated two unexcused meeting absences per year (meaning without a form submitted).  All other meeting absences must be submitted and have a viable excuse.  Mandatory events must have an absence form submitted before the date of the event.