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On this site you'll find all of my software for Windows Mobile (to use it you need a Windows Mobile device with touch screen). Some apps are freeware, some others are shareware. It means that you can freely download and use the apps linked in these pages; but if the software is a shareware you'll be able to download only a "light" version, that lacks some of the functions of the full (or "pro") version. To upgrade to the full/pro version, i ask you to send me a donation (the donation link is put in every page) to say me "thank you". And, once received the donation, of course i'll send you the full/pro version.
This way also people that cannot afford to pay for software can use my apps (also if in reduced form) thanks to generosity of other people that send me the donation to support my work.
You'll find the links to all of my apps on the navigation bar, on left side of every page.
My apps are free/shareware also thanks to the ads on this site. So, please, DO NOT rehost them, but ALWAYS link to this page!
if you need to contact me:
bbonzz at yahoo dot com
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