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Spelling Choice Board

Spelling and Vocabulary

Textbook pages and Test over all words and definitions  **REQUIRED  - Not a CHOICE**

Textbook will be graded on Thursday and the test will be on the last day of the school week.

Choice Board:  Choose one activity from each row to practice your words and definitions.  All work must be turned in by Thursday afternoon to receive credit. 

Level A

Write all words 5 x’s each in cursive


Create a powerpoint quiz for all words    


Write a poem with 5 words and their definitions; record and post on edmodo

Use talkapella or songify to set your words and definitions to music.

Level B

Create and print a crossword puzzle for all 20 words

Write 5 sentences, each containing 4 words in context that shows meaning of words

Write a story that uses all 20 words.  Be sure it makes sense based on the words’ meanings.

Make flash cards with word on one side, definition on other side

Level C

Create and print a wordsearch for all 20 words

Alphabetize list ; write vowels in red and consonants in black

Add 5 words and definitions to our word wall

Complete 4 square vocabulary worksheet for 5 words

Level D

Use Word to create a Word Splash for all 20 words

Write and define each word

Complete phone spelling for all 20 words

Complete wordsearch or crossword puzzle created by a classmate.


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