Green Schools Programme


Travel Theme

Chugging along nicely!!

This year we continue to work towards our 4th green school flag based on the Travel Theme. Catherine Russell our Travel Officer, has given us many tips!

We aim to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to travel to and from school. We continue to do our monthly Park 'n' Stride  WOW days- Walk On Wednesday! Dates will be given in advance.

Classes from 3rd - 6th have had the option of Cycle Training- this was very successful!

We are taking part in The BIG Travel Challenge in February. This is a nationwide competition with the winning school receiving a cash prize of €1,000! Dates will be sent home.

So..everybody put your best foot forward and remember :

''Keep It Cool And Walk To School!''

On Wednesday, 22/2/17 we will host an Action Day to promote our Travel Theme in the school. We will have Garda Damian White in to talk with all classes about Road Safety. All pupils are learning the Safe Cross Code to impress him! Catherine Russell will bring some activities for all pupils. We will also have Gerard Seaman with a Hybrid car to show pupils on the day!


Watch that space!

  • Keep an eye on our Green Schools Notice board please.

    (On the emergency door in GP Room / Hall)


                 Thank you for your continued support with our project.     




Green Schools Programme.


We began this programme in 2008 by registering our school into this 

programme and then followed the 7 steps outlined in it.


The 7 steps of the project are as follows:

1.      To form a committee  

2.      Conduct an environmental review.

3.      Devise an action plan. 

4.      Monitor and evaluate our targets in the action plan and our work.  

5.      Do curriculum work.

6.      Inform everyone and involve the school community. 

7.   Green code - our statement of commitment.

Green Schools 2014/15

'Litter and Waste'

To date....

We have been working hard maintaining our levels of recycling and reducing litter and waste in our school. It is really important that we continue our good work.We have made a difference. We reduced our landfill rubbish bin by half. We try to maintain this.

We were awarded our first green flag in April 2010 for the theme on 'Litter and Waste'.   Keep up the great work everyone!


Our Green Code:

‘Bin it - Don’t Fling it,  Put the litter in the bin- it’s a Green School you are in.

A Clean School is COOL!’


Energy Theme

To date...... 'Watt' is happening!

We have been working hard maintaining our energy theme in our school. It is really important that we continue our good work.We have made a difference. To name but a few actions,  we are currently keeping all school and classroom doors closed to retain heat. We use 'No Show' on the interactive whiteboards in each clasroom, when not in iuse. We turn off lights when not needed and we turn off banks of lights that we don't need on at all. Each classroom has an energy squad who are responsible to ensure we stick to these actions.

All the children and staff are working hard to save energy in our school. It is also important to try and save energy at home. Hope you are still enjoying your 'fridge magnet'!

We are making a difference! Our electricity usage decreased by 25% between years 2011 and 2012!  We will try to maintain this.

We were awarded our second green flag in April 2013 for the theme on 'Energy'.   Keep this up!


Our Green Code:


' Save Energy that's a rule

 Make sure you remind people

        within our school! '


' Energy is really COOL

   Let's not waste it

     in our School! '


'  So...When you're a Green School,

   Saving Energy is the RULE! '


' Practice Conservation for the Future Generation!'

 Water Theme


Our Update....We have all worked hard (and continue to do so) to save water within our school and encourage our families and the wider community to do so also. We were awarded our THIRD  green flag in May 2015 for the theme on 'WATER'


Our Green Code:


‘Go Slow With The Flow To Save H20’

We are delighted to say that there is a reduction in our water consumption per person within the school from 16Litres per person approximately down to 10 Litres per person approximately!