Board of Management

Board of Management:

The Board of Management of Bandonbridge National School manages the school on behalf of the Patron (Bishop Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross) for the benefit of their students and their parents/guardians and in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education and Science (Education Act 1998) and within the terms of the Deeds of Variation for Church of Ireland Primary Schools.

 The Board has a number of specific responsibilities in the management of the school.

As a collective body, it is responsible for the management of the school; however, it is exercised on a day to day basis by the Principal. The Board of Management is responsible for the drawing up of a School Plan for the school and for its observance.  The Board also has responsibility for administering the admissions policy of the school and for its code of behaviour.  It also has the important responsibility to ensure the school is clean and warm, a place suitable for its role both as a school and as a workplace, for the whole school community.

 The Board has a shared sense of purpose and commitment to the school and also supports the ethos, (Church of Ireland ethos, which is Christian, ecumenical and inclusive), its aims and objectives of Bandonbridge National School. 

 Finally the Board of Management communicates regularly to the whole school community with the distribution of a newsletter and liaises on an ongoing basis with the Parents' Association.

 The present Board of Management of Bandonbridge National School (2015 - 2019), began its work on the 1st December 2015 and is composed of the following members:         

 Chairperson:    Andrew Coleman                 [Patron's Nominee] Andrew retired on December 31st 2017

                          Cyril Fair  is the new chairperson .   

                         Rev. Denis MacCarthy          [Patron's Nominee]

 Secretary:        Orla Buttimer                        [Elected Teachers' Nominee]

                         Gerard Seaman                    [Elected Parent's Nominee]

                         Jacqui Sherlock                    [Elected Parent's Nominee]

                         Harriet Pritchard                    [Principal Teacher]

                         Linda Joyce                           [Community Representative]

 Treasurer:       Richard O'Neill                      [Community Representative]